• Did you just accidentally delete an important document, or can’t find it where it should be?
  • Windows offers us some recovery tools that are effective if their deletion is recent, although they lose capacity as the days go by
  • In these difficult circumstances, there is no other way out than to download and install one of those applications that have been designed to offer us greater power to recover items

Nowadays, in our computers we keep a good part of the essential information at a personal or work level. That means that any inadvertent or unintentional action can end up with important files deleted, which will probably give you more than one big headache. Fortunately, If you have lost a text document with key data you need, you have the possibility to find out how to recover a Word file.

In fact, the questions we receive about how to recover a Word file or another Office-style office suite are constant. Generally, these are people who want to recover unsaved Word documents. Who hasn’t closed a file they were working on without keeping the latest changes?

The good news is that beyond the eventual inability of the operating system to protect these documents, limited only to making some backup copies after several minutes without executing them manually, we have some programs that have been developed with the intention of getting out of this situation .

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how to recover word 2 file

How to proceed to recover a Word document?

We also understand that if you barely use these word processors, or have been fairly lucky, you may think you don’t need such software. Unfortunately, most people realize they did need them when it’s too late, and the file is seemingly lost forever.

Even so, on many occasions, if you just noticed the absence, you will be able to recover it with the basic methods.

Recover Word files from Recycle Bin

When it comes to recovering deleted files from the flash drive, they may have ended up in the recycle bin, just like any other that you delete from a peripheral connected to your computer or from the PC itself.

This is the simplest procedure of all, because all you have to do is access the Recycle Bin, find the document in question, right-click on it, and select the Restore function. Immediately the file will return to the location it had among your folders.

Recover a lost file using Windows Finder

The Windows File Explorer is an instrument that goes one step further, and allows us to explore, despite the redundancy, all the contents of the device’s folders without having to search one by one.

In the Search box at the bottom of your Windows operating system, type File Explorer, and enter that function. Once inside it, you will see another Search box to find the documents.

how to recover word 3 file

Recover unsaved Word documents using backups

Backups are intended to prevent relevant objects from going missing. And you can try your luck this way, by right-clicking on Start and then Control Panel, System and Maintenance, Backup and Restore. To finish and recover them, you have to click on Restore my files.

Additionally, you can search for contents within the backup to recover only these, and not others.

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Recover an old version of Word file

Word makes copies of older versions of the file, which may fix at least part of the problem. From File, information, version history, or File, history, you will see those old versions. Selecting the one that interests you, you can return the document to that instance.

Using recovery software

If none of the above helped, it may be because the document was deleted a long time ago. Then you will have no choice but resort to a specially designed application, such as 4ddig.

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Download and install 4ddig for Windows either 4ddig for macOS and it will make it easy for you to recover files. Using this tool is very easy and intuitive. Once you have it installed on your computer, you should run it, starting a quick scan or a deep scan, depending on how difficult you think it will be to recover the file. Also, you can start with a quick scan and, if it doesn’t work, just go to a deep one there, but let’s see it in details.

how to recover word 2 file

Recover a Word file step by step

  • Once 4ddig is downloaded and installed on your PC, run the program like any other
  • On the main screen you will see the main storage of your team
  • Select those where you think the mistakenly deleted files could be and click Scan
  • Wait for the scan to complete and use the Filter feature to search for specific results
  • If the deleted document is found among the results, mark it, and press the Recover button
  • Next, tell the software which path on your PC to download the recovered file to
  • Confirm that you want to recover it in that path, and after a few seconds you will have it there
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how to recover word 3 file

As you can see, you don’t have to be an expert to be able to recover your deleted documents with this program.

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