We are not going to deny that a rather unpleasant experience is trying to check our social networks and finding ourselves surprised that we cannot access our account. But it is possible recover a blocked facebook account? The answer is yes; Facebook (unless we’ve done something too serious) usually gives us the opportunity to unlock our account without problems, although it can take a little time.

When does Facebook deactivate an account?

Facebook accounts are deactivated when they do not respect the company’s terms of service. Specifically, Facebook says that it will deactivate the account for any of the following reasons:

  • Post content that is not suitable, that does not comply with the Company Terms.
  • Use a false name.
  • Imitate another person.
  • Persistent unaccepted behavior on Facebook that goes against our Community Standards.
  • Harassing people, contacting people for marketing, promotion, or other impermissible conduct.

Recover a blocked Facebook account

In the event that we have violated any of the Facebook terms mentioned above, it is possible to request an account review. How? Following these steps:

The first thing we will do is visit the appeal form from the blocked Facebook account and complete the requested requirements. At this point, Facebook asks for our email address that we use to log in or the phone number, also the full name and will ask us for some documentation to verify who we are. Facebook accepts government and non-government IDs.

Appeal form.

After uploading all the requested data, we will click “Submit” to send the appeal. After this, the company will check that everything is correct; if they think the account was accidentally locked, then they will disable it in a few hours. Also, on many occasions Facebook tends to contact us to obtain more information, so it may take a little longer.

How to recover an account that we disabled

In the event that we ourselves disabled or deleted our Facebook account, it is possible to recover it as long as no more than 30 days have elapsed from the moment we did so.

Log in.

How can we recover an account that we ourselves have disabled? We simply log in normally. When we do this, the account is re-enabled and will remain active as usual, unless we wish to deactivate it again in the future.

Re-enable Facebook account.

On the other hand, if we have permanently deleted the account, we will have to confirm the reactivation. On the confirmation page, we can see the date on which the deletion is scheduled. So we will click on “Cancel deletion” in order to regain access to the account.

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