• Losing the password and therefore the access credentials to your Roblox profile, can mean that you lose some of the progress you have made so far, you cannot afford it
  • There are different methodologies when trying to recover the Roblox password, some simple, while others require certain additional procedures to obtain it

You probably already know this, but Roblox is an online video game platform, in which users can create their own virtual worlds with a creation system called Roblox Studio, developed by this firm, and available only on personal computers. With this in mind, losing access is almost a tragedy. Precisely for this reason, throughout the following article We teach you in detail what are the steps to follow to recover the lost Roblox password, avoiding losing all your progress.

In the end, we can lose our Roblox access credentials like those of any other platform, so it is convenient to know what steps we have to follow to recover our account and progress.

How to try to recover Roblox password?

Using email/phone number

In general, you have an email or phone number associated with your account, which you can use to regain access to your account. You just have to follow the steps that we teach you:

  • Enter the Roblox website from this link
  • Click on the option to recover password for having forgotten it
  • Enter your email associated with the account, or your phone number with its prefixes
  • An access code will be sent to you that will replace the password momentarily
  • Once access is restored, you have to create a new password/password
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Already with your new password or password you can enter the Roblox profile whenever you want to do itas usual.

recover lost roblox password 2

Contact Roblox Support

It could happen, although it is unlikely, that you no longer have access to that recovery email, or that you do not receive the recovery codes, nor to your Inbox, nor to your phone number. So, the only possible way out will be to contact Roblox Support people.

You can contact Roblox Support directly from this linkentering a username, or any other information that you consider important to add to your case, and speed up the recovery of the password you just lost.

In fact, We recommend that you be as detailed as possible about the problem you are experiencingso that those who are in charge of answering you can be sure that the account is yours, and return it to you. Define your issue as “Account hacked” or “Can’t log in”which will open subcategories. Among all the available ones, select “I forgot my password”, and add more important details.

Send the request, and wait to receive a response in the indicated email where they will help you. Responses typically take 24-48 hours, so it won’t take too long to get back in.

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Activate two-step verification for more security

Now that you have recovered your Roblox password, we advise you to activate two-step verification. using it, you can make sure that no one outside your account can access it.

  • Open your Roblox account, go to the Settings section, and click on Security to go to two factors
  • Once there, click the box next to the Authenticator option to continue. Enter your password
  • Hit the continue button, and in the pop-up box, open the Authenticator app and hit “+”
  • Choose if you want to scan the QR code or write the available configuration key
  • Automatically the synchronization between both elements will be recognized
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Once the process is complete, every time you go to enter your Roblox account, a new access code will be sent to the Authenticator, which will change after a few minutes, ensuring that no one from outside enters your account.

Have you been able to recover your lost Roblox password with these step by step?

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