• Deleting junk files from your Mac is a useful process if you want it to always work smoothly
  • There are many cleaners or cleaners for Apple computers, but the arrival of the M2 processor in a few weeks leaves us wondering how they will manage with MacOS Ventura
  • BuhoCleaner is one of the few programs that has already confirmed its compatibility with M2

Just a few weeks ago, we witnessed the presentation of the next Apple products and services in 2022. Again, those from Cupertino seem to offer us an outstanding experience in several very important ways. Before the launch of the new proprietary processor and the Ventura operating system, let’s see how to remove junk files from your Mac with an M2 chip, so that they don’t affect its performance every day,

And we emphasize this because, as happens every time we have access to a new version of MacOS, early days may be a bit turbulent in terms of OS stability. Something logical considering that it is just in operation, and that in regards to software some of the problems tend to be solved as users notice them, and engineers go and solve them.

In this context, especially at the beginning, it may be necessary to have a program in charge of eliminating just those files that accumulate with use, and that do nothing but hinder fundamental processes.

Find a cleaner for M2, the lens

Raised this problem, the obstacle that we are going to run into is that not all cleaners or cleaners will be prepared from the start for Apple’s M2 processor, and some may cause conflicts. Possibly the last thing we want is that, and we can’t be doing tests with our devices. So, you have to limit yourself to those applications that have already anticipated absolute compatibility.

The developers of OwlCleaner have reported that their program has immediate support for these MacBook Air and other devices that are emerging in the market with the M2 chips inside. That’s great peace of mind for those who want to avoid dealing with all those junk files.

That is, we are certain that is there at least one way to remove junk files on a Mac M2.

BuhoCleaner, a simple cleaner with a smooth design

Of course, BuhoCleaner is not new software or anything like that, but it has been there for years on Mac. was one of the first to accommodate the M1 Pro chips and upgrade to MacOS Monterey.

But that is not the only justification on which we rely on to recommend it, but rather that we have especially liked its soft design, the same one that makes it a simple cleaner, even for novices.

The basic functions are grouped on the left side of the screenand we can easily activate them from there, on a dark background, which makes recognizing each file take just a few seconds.

With various additions that make it more versatile

Beyond everything discussed up to this point, we must dwell on certain additions that make this application even more versatile. For example next to it are included MacOS optimization tools.

How to remove junk files with OwlCleaner?

BuhoCleaner has several interesting features, although you will most likely use Quick Clean. Like all similar cleaners, this is the instrument we usually resort to in normal situations.

  1. Download OwlCleaner on your Mac computer, with any processor and operating system
  2. Once the program is installed, run it, and go to the first of the available functions, Quick Clean
cleaning m2 mac buhocleaner
  1. Click on that function, and wait for BuhoCleaner to take care of removing the files on the computer
  2. At the end of the process, you will be able to see the junk files detected in each of the storages
files to clean your mac with buhocleaner
  1. By clicking on the folders and locations you will see the specific files, and you can select them, or not
  2. Selected the junk files, you must confirm that action by pressing the blue Delete button
  3. Depending on the number of selected files, this deletion will take more or less

But, in addition, it gives you the possibility of being able to Quickly and easily uninstall Mac apps via OwlCleaner. Basically you have to click on “Uninstall” in the menu on the left and then select the application to uninstall.

We recommend repeating this procedure regularly so that your Mac always runs smoothly..

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