All social networks require us to provide some sensitive data when we sign up. This usually involves phone number or email address, name, or other personal information. However, when we want to maintain our privacy as much as possible and perhaps even delete an account, we can consider remove phone number or email from facebook.

But the problem goes a little further. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, may have information like the email address or phone number of a person who isn’t even a subscriber to the service.

If a non-Facebook user contact uploaded their address book to the site, Meta now has that information on their servers. Facebook published in 2022 a tool to be able to delete all the information on its site and block it permanently. Meta I do not advertise this tool and it is not well known either, it is only found as a link on a support page for people who don’t use Meta products.

Delete phone number or email from Facebook.

The link, from which we can access here, works for Facebook users and for those who do not have an account on the social network. This is a search tool that requires users to enter their email or phone number. Obviously, it is possible that many users do not want to provide their information, especially since there is no information on the page about data processing.

Delete phone number or email from Facebook

It is very possible that someone uploaded their contact book to Facebook, Messenger or Instagram and our data is among those contacts. It is possible to check if this number or email is in the database.

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You can also request that it be removed from the database. Even prevent reloading through someone’s free contacts. The tool allows you to perform a search for landline and mobile phone numbers, and an email address.

Each verifies a single number or email; if we want to verify several email addresses, we will have to use the tool repeatedly. But don’t worry, we can do it without any problem.

After making the selection of the first page and clicking on Next, we will find that it asks for more data. If we choose the mobile phone number, we will be asked to type it and select where we want Meta to look for the number. The options are Facebook and Messenger (together) and Instagram. WhatsApp is not included and neither are other Meta products.

This entire process may take a few minutes. If a match is found, we’ll see an option to remove them from the database and add them to the company’s block list. The block list, in theory, blocks Meta services from being added to this number or email again in any way.

Meta does not disclose information on how this block list works. So it’s not clear if the entered data will be added to the block list in plain text or if some kind of system is used, something like hashing.

Therefore, it is totally feasible to delete our phone number and email on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram permanently so that no one, in any way, can re-add this information.

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The only negative would be that the company does not make it clear how the block list works and what kind of information it writes about it. Users in the European Union and various regions can request the deletion of personal data from Meta under the GDPR.

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