Removing people or friends from Snapchat is a great way to keep our list completely tidy; in addition to avoiding some other problems. Today we are going to see just this, how can we remove snapchat friends from our iPhone or Android mobile phone.

Once we remove a friend from Snapchat, they can’t see your stories and nothing similar. Likewise, they can still send you Snaps and chats if your privacy settings allow it. Another thing to keep in mind is that, the content that we have configured as public, it is obviously possible to view it.

From time to time we may have a discussion, an exchange of opinions or we have simply become friends with people that we really do not want to have on our list. It is time to organize it and for that we have to start by eliminating friends that we do not want to have and we will teach you how to do it a little below.

How to delete or delete a friend on Snapchat

To start the process of deleting a friend from Snapchat, we are going to start by opening the Snapchat application on our mobile device, whether it is Android or iOS, the process is the same.

Snapchat chats.

Next, from the toolbar at the bottom of the app, we will have to press the “Chat” icon, which would be an icon with a text bubble.

Leave pressure on the chat.

Once we are in the “Chat” screen we will have to look for the friend we want to delete. We will not open the chat, we will simply press on your name and hold for a few seconds.

More option.

After holding down for several seconds, a new menu will open with various options. Here we will have to choose the option that says “More”.

Delete a friend from Snapchat.

In this section, we will have to choose “Delete friend”.

In this way we can delete Snapchat friends.

A pop-up message will appear asking us if we are really sure what we want to do. If so, then we will have to press “Delete” in order to delete that person from our account.

And basically, that would be all you have to do to remove Snapchat friends. This way you will no longer appear in the friends list. Obviously this does not mean that we cannot add them again. So, if at some point we want to be friends with that person again, we can do it as usual.

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