In the same way that it happens with other browsers, it is possible return to to open tab closed in Google Chrome. Since the launch of Chrome 78 in 2019, the option changed to “Place” in the browser. However, it is still very easy to find this one.

How to reopen closed tab in Chrome

What we will have to do is right click on an empty space in the tab bar and we will have to choose the option “Reopen closed tab”. If we recently closed a tab, we will be able to see the option “Reopen closed tab”.

Reopen closed tab in Chrome.

This action will open the last tab that we have closed. We can even continue doing this step and open all the tabs in the order in which they were closed, reviewing the history.

In the case that we are on a Mac, which does not have a right click, we will have to hold down the Ctrl key and click on an empty area of ​​the tab bar.

A while back, you could right-click a tab on the Chrome tab bar and we had the option available. Now it is not in the context menu of the right button of the tab. Otherwise we will have to do it in an empty place.

Reopen closed tab in Chrome with shortcuts

Another way to do it and it is quite comfortable, is thanks to the keyboard shortcuts. For this we will have to press Ctrl + Shift + T in Windows and if we are on Mac we will have to press Cmd + Shift + T. In this way we can reopen a closed tab with the keyboard shortcut.

If we press this shortcut several times in a row, the recently closed tabs will open in the same order in which they were closed.

How to reopen a specific one

Obviously, we also have the option of reopen a specific tab that we have recently closed. In this sense, we can even reopen any tab that we had open days ago.

Reopen closed Chrome tabs.

For the tabs that we have recently closed, we will have to click on the three-dot icon that is in the upper right corner and a new menu will appear.

Here we are going to choose “History” and a submenu will appear with all the pages we recently visited. If we click on “History” from the new submenu, we will access the history of the pages we have visited. In this way we can open tabs that we closed days ago.

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