Chrome OS is a fairly lightweight operating system, allowing us to do simple things like use emojis, but it also has many features of a full desktop OS like its own Task Manager. Although one of the things that most complicates users is restart a chromebook, because we simply don’t have a function that allows us to restart it directly. Although there are ways to do it and they are the ones that we will discuss a little below.

Restart a Chromebook

Chrome OS doesn’t have a reset button, so we’re usually going to have to manually turn it off and on in order to restart it. We can achieve this quite quickly from the Quick Settings panel and it is very simple.

Chromebook Quick Settings

What we will do is open the Quick Settings panel that we can find in the lower right corner, just where we see the time. Then we are going to click on the Shut down icon at the top and the system will shut down immediately.

Turn on Chromebook.

Next, we’re going to press the power button on the Chromebook keyboard and that’s it.

with power button

Press and hold the Chromebook's power button.

We have another way to reset a Chromebook that is quite easy and fast in many situations. What we have to do here is hold down the power button for a few seconds.

To turn off.

In the same way that it happens in Android, a small pop-up menu will appear with several options. Among these options we find one that says Shut down, which we must press to turn off the system.

Turn on Chromebook.

After this, we press the power button again and that’s it.

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Using a URL

We know this sounds crazy, but yes, we can use a Chrome URL that most users don’t know to reboot the system. Running this URL in the browser will cause a system reboot. What we have to keep in mind is that it is a soft reset and not a hard one.

Chrome URL to restart.

Getting it is too easy, we just open Chrome and we will have to enter the URL: Chrome://restart in the address bar and press Enter. We recommend saving all the work we have pending because the restart will be done as soon as we press Enter.

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