All devices have to reboot every so often. Luckily, in most of these, achieving it is extremely simple. Nevertheless, restart a Chromebook it can be inconvenient, because it doesn’t actually have a reset button.

It is very curious, but we did not find a way to restart a Chromebook as we are used to. Rebooting usually means turning the device off and back on without us having to do much else, but Chrome OS doesn’t do this.

This is possibly due to the speed with which they are able to turn themselves off and on. Regardless of this, it is possible to “reset” a Chromebook with two methods that are extremely simple. A little further down, we will see a small guide to make it very clear what are the ways to restart a Google device.

This is how we can restart a Chromebook

Quick setup.

The first thing we will have to do is use the software controls. We will click on the clock icon at the bottom right of the screen to open the Quick Settings panel.

Shut down Chrome OS.

Next, we will have to click on the power icon in the Quick Settings menu. This will shut down the Chromebook immediately.

Power button.

To turn it back on, we will simply have to press the power button on the Chromebook. Where is the button? It is located on the side of the device or keyboard.

The other method makes use of the same power button on the Chromebook to turn it off. In a similar way to how we would do on a mobile device, we leave the button pressed until a pop-up message appears on the screen, then we click on Shut down and that’s it.

Shut down Chromebook.

To turn the Chromebook back on, we simply press the button on the side of the keyboard once and voila.

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Basically, that would be it, they are the simple methods that we have to be able to turn off our Chromebook without many problems. It is somewhat strange that most operating systems have an option to “Reboot” only. While Chrome OS does not have this.

Regardless, Chromebooks are capable of turning on and off with great speed, so it doesn’t really matter too much.

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