• Restoring old photos seems like an impossible mission, and even more so if we don’t want to invest in it
  • RestorePhoto.io is an Artificial Intelligence platform with enough potential to achieve it
  • What are the steps to follow to recover old photos with such a service and what is the result?

Many times, when we start to rummage through those drawers that we have abandoned, we can find authentic jewels in the form of old photographs of our family, relics worn by the passage of time. RestorePhoto.io is a platform that will allow you to restore old photos for free with Artificial Intelligence. In this article we explain how it works and how to recover them by taking advantage of this advanced technology.

As we said, it is not strange that you discover these images without us even knowing when they were taken. We probably won’t be able to help you with that information, but we will allow you to recover your photos.

Once you go through this process, you will find that there is a lot of imperceptible data that now appears. For years it was impossible to restore those photographs, but Artificial Intelligence can fill in those holes caused by damage to the material of the images, and return something very similar to its original appearance.

Why do old photos look blurry?

If you wonder why old photos look blurry, the answer is that their quality hasn’t changed. Really, what’s up It is that our perception of what an image captured by a camera or, more here in time, by a smartphone should be, has changed with built-in camera.

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A photo taken in the 1980s by a state-of-the-art machine from that time and well preserved today might not surprise you, and you might even think that industry progress was too slow then. Surely they were not as dynamic as today, but in those days They seemed like a revolution in the sector.

In recent decades, not only have photographic sensors taken several steps forward, but we have also witnessed revolutionary technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence itself, which not only retrieves information; he is able to create it from scratch so that everything looks as if it were naturally part of those images.

In short, those cameras just weren’t good enough for what we considered acceptable. Fortunately, there is a tool to convert those treasures into ones up to today’s standards.

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RestorePhotos, magic solution for old photos

As expected, RestorePhoto[.]io is a platform that will allow you to restore old photos for free with AI. Using Artificial Intelligence to fill the gaps generated by the generation gap, it manages to stand out in a segment as competitive as that of tools that seek to recover images.

Vercel, the firm behind this development, indicates that «use a model to restore face photos«. You can upload any image, preferably with people in it, to give them another look.

The key is that it uses a Next.js API route to return the enhanced file with the restored photo. After cloning the repository in question, hit Replicate to create an account, and put your API key directly in the .env file. If you want to limit the rate, you have to have a profile on UpStash.

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At the customization level, you can create a Redis database and fill in the .env environment variables. Finally, if you don’t want to apply any more customizations, just leave everything without configuring anything else.

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