You already know that web pages can contain useful information, instructions, contact details and much more. So if you come across a page that you would like to save while browsing in Firefox, it’s a breeze! And saving it as a PDF document may be your preferred file format.

Once you save it, you can annotate it, share it, or save it for reference. Here’s how to save a web page as a PDF with Mozilla Firefox.

How to save a web page as PDF in Mozilla Firefox

Luckily, it doesn’t matter if you’re using Firefox on Windows or Mac. The steps to save the page and (most of) the settings you can make are the same.

With your web page in view, open the print settings in one of two ways.

  • Click on the Applications Menu (three lines) in the upper right and select To print.
  • Please select File> Print in the menu or in the menu bar.

In the Destination drop-down list, select Save to PDF. From there, you can click Keep and go ahead choosing a location to save the PDF.

But you may want to adjust a few settings first to get the best view of the document that you can.

Adjust settings for Save to PDF

At the top of the settings sidebar, you can choose the page orientation, the pages to save, and the color mode.

For additional options, click More settings. You can now choose the paper size, scale the page, select the number of pages per sheet, and adjust the margins. You can also choose to display headers, footers, and backgrounds.

One of the best settings is only available in Firefox on Windows, sorry Mac users. In Format, you have options for Original and Simplified.

Original will give you the page as you see it, with ads and everything. But Simplified remove those ads and give you a cleaner PDF. See the comparison in the image below.

Save the pages you need

Saving a web page as a PDF is beneficial for all kinds of reasons. Whether you want to save instructions on how to do something, details of a local business, an article to use for reference, or something else entirely, Firefox has you covered.

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