Over time, Apple’s iPad has picked up many Mac features. One of them is drag and drop. This tool makes the task of copying or moving items or text from one place to another much easier. Starting with iOS 15, similar features are coming to the iPhone.

What is Drag and Drop on iPad?

With drag and drop on your mobile device, you can use one finger to move text and other items within the same application. You can also use the tool to copy elements from one application to another. For example, you can move an image from the Photos app and drag it into an email.

Move items

To use drag and drop on iPad and move items:

  1. First, touch and hold the element until he gets up. For the text, select it.
  2. Then drag the element or the text to another location within the application.

Copy items between apps

With two applications open, you can use Split View or Slide Over and copy elements. In this case, tap and hold the item again until it lifts up, dragging it into the other app.

To drag a link using Split View or Slide Over, press and hold the link until it lifts, and then

Touch and hold the link until it lifts up, and then do one of the following:

  • Replace a Split View or Slide Over window with the link destination: Drag the link to the window.
  • Open the link destination in a Split View or Slide Over window: When no Split View or Slide Over window is displayed, drag the link to the left or right edge of the screen to open the destination in Split View, or drag the link near the edge to open it in Slide Over.
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To copy an item into an app on the iPad home screen or in the Dock:

  1. Once again, touch and hold the element until he gets up.
  2. While still holding the item, use another finger to slide it up from the bottom edge of the screen and pause to reveal the Dock or press the Home button, where appropriate.
  3. Drag the element on the other application to open it.

Move multiple items

You can also move multiple items at the same time.

  1. Touch and hold the first element, then drag it slightly while still holding it.
  2. Keep holding the first item, and then touch other element with a second finger. A flag identifies the number of items selected.
  3. Drag all the elements together.

Drag and Drop: iPhone

In iOS 15, Apple has added the ability to drag and drop text, images, and other items across different apps on the iPhone. The feature has been a big part of the iPad since 2017, but it wasn’t brought up to Apple’s best-selling product until now.

To use drag and drop on iPhone with iOS 15 or later installed:

  1. Long press on a element, such as an image, a text or a file.
  2. While still holding the item, use another finger to open another application.
  3. Release the element, dropping it in the second application.

Looks familiar, doesn’t it?

Drag and drop is a great tool, and it’s nice to know it’s alive and well on the iPad and iPhone. Makes it much easier to carry content from one place to another on mobile.

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