• A program asks you for your IP address and since the update to Windows 11 you don’t know how to see it?
  • The steps to follow in the latest version of Windows to see the IP are similar to those before
  • What websites and sections of the operating system help us discover this key information?

The IP address of our computer is one of those pieces of information that we probably won’t need for years. But sooner or later there will come a day when someone or some program will require you to tell what it is. Thinking about it, since knowing this information can become useful in certain circumstances, We consider it essential that you learn how to see the IP address of your computer if you have Windows 11.

The problem is that some users had learned the steps to follow before updating their OS. Now, with the availability of Windows 11 and the statistics that more and more people are installing it, we have to go back to review what are the different methods through which we will arrive at this information. Remember, on the other hand, that it is possible to change these addresses, so always check them on the spot.

In any case, this IP or Internet Protocol address on your PC is an address that provides the identity of the device on the network. It does not matter whether it is a local area network or a business network, each team and portal has a unique address, which basically allows all teams to communicate with each other.

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See the IP address step by step in Windows 11

If for some reason you have to access the IP address of your machine, there are several mechanisms to do so. From Internet pages that show this information to reaching it from the Configuration of your PC. There are even less pragmatic solutions that can come in handy, and we are also going to get to know them.

In addition to that, keep in mind that we can classify different types of protocols like these. Public and private IP networks are especially important, and here you will discover how to get to know them.

Public IP address from a browser

To quickly find out what the public IP address is in Windows 11, you just have to go to your usual browser, typing “what is my IP” in the address bar, so that Google offers you that information immediately by giving you.

private IP address

Beyond how easy it is to see the public IP address, in the case of private we have more than one option.

From Settings

  • Press the Windows + I key combination to access System Configuration
  • Go to Network and Internet and select the network connection you are using, WiFi or Ethernet
  • Scroll down, until you can see that IP address you are connected on

From the Command Prompt

  • Press the Windows key, type cmd and select Command Prompt
  • Type ipconfig and press enter to see the IP address of your computer
IP address Windows 11 2

From PowerShell

  • Press the Windows key, type PowerShell and select Windows PowerShell
  • Type ipconfig and press enter to see the IP address of your computer
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From Task Manager

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Task Manager
  • Switch to the Performance tab, select the network you are connected to and view the IP address

In summary, not even upgrading to windows 11 has made it hard to know what your IPs are. The steps are practically the same as the previous ones, so you shouldn’t have too many problems.

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