Each Photo what we have in our iPhone has a resolution Y size defined by the pixels in the image. Obviously, the more pixels an image has, the more data it can store, and the larger it will be. If we are running iOS 15 or higher, we can see the size of an image in pixels from the device’s photos application.

See size or resolution of a photo on iPhone

View photo.

We start by launching the Photos app. In the thumbnail view, we will click on the photograph that we are interested in knowing its resolution.

Photo information.

At the bottom of the photo, we can see an icon that has an i inside a circle, this is the information icon, which we are going to click on.

Here we have the photo resolution on iPhone.

After clicking on the information icon, we can see a small box at the bottom of the screen where it will show us the metadata of the photo. Here we will be able to see the resolution and dimensions of the image in the second line.

For example, in this case 12 MP means 12 megapixels, which would be the approximate number of pixels in the image. Where it says 4032 x 3024 would be the resolution of the image, which is 4032 pixels wide by 3024 pixels high.

Now we proceed to close the information box by pressing the information button again. We can repeat this process with any photograph that we have on our device and in this way have useful information about each of the images that we save on our iPhone.

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Knowing this information is very useful, especially when we want to share images through applications and social networks. We must consider that, to save resources and improve speed, many social networks and apps do not allow images of such quality. And if allowed, they significantly reduce the resolution and quality of it.

This clearly occurs in WhatsApp, where the photos sent have a lower quality than the original. The idea is to save resources, that the file is transferred quickly and consumes as little data as possible.

If we want to share photos without losing quality, it is best to use cloud storage that allows us to upload these files and share the download link.

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