It is normal that sometimes we have to see the passwords of Wifi that we have saved in our device Android. Whether we want to pass it on to a friend or perhaps because we forgot the password and want to connect another device to the same network.

Be that as it may, from any Android device, we can see the Wi-Fi passwords in a simple way, which is just what we will learn next.

See Wi-Fi passwords on Android

Most Android devices make it all too easy to see saved Wi-Fi passwords, unless you have a Samsung Galaxy, mind you. The steps that we will see in this guide were carried out with a Google Pixel, some things may vary depending on the model and version of Android. However, generally speaking it should be the same.

Guide to see Wi-Fi passwords on Android

The first thing we will do is enter Settings, we can search for the app in the application drawer or by sliding down from the top of the screen twice and clicking on the gear-shaped icon.

Network and Internet.

Next, we are going to have to press Network and internet.


We press on the Internet.

Connection settings.

We will choose the gear icon that is on the right side of the network to which we are connected.


Here we will have to press Share (it has the QR code icon).

See Wi-Fi passwords on any Android device

Now we will see a QR code, this can be scanned by others to connect to the Wi-Fi network quickly. In case you need the password, we will see it at the bottom.

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This guide can also be applied to networks that we connected to before and that we still have saved. It is not limited solely to the one we are currently using.

Finding Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Samsung Galaxy Devices

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy, getting to see saved passwords gets a bit trickier. Here we are going to need a built-in feature that Google Lens has from Google Photos to achieve this.

Samsung Galaxy Settings.

The first thing we will do is enter Settings from the application drawer or by sliding twice from the top of the screen.


Now we are going to go to Connections.

See connection.

Next, we’ll choose Wi-Fi at the top.

Wi-Fi settings

Click on the gear-shaped icon that we can find next to the network to which we are connected.

See Android Wi-Fi passwords

The next thing will be to select the QR code at the bottom.

Unlike other devices, Samsung does not allow you to view the Wi-Fi password at the bottom, the only option would be to scan the QR code. However, there is a way to view the password.

Save as image.

The first thing we will have to do is click on Save as image at the bottom.

Google Photos.

Then, we go to Google Photos and we will look for the image that we have saved. This should be saved in a folder called Captures or Screenshot.


Once we have the image open, we will proceed to click on the Lens button in the lower toolbar.

View Wi-Fi Passwords on Samsung Galaxy Android

The QR code will be scanned and what would be the information card will appear. In this section, we will be given the information we are looking for: network name and password.

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We do not deny that it can be annoying to carry out the “extra” steps on Samsung Galaxy. However, it is the only way we have to be able to view the password and connect on any device without depending on reading the QR code.

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