Spotify launched a very interesting new feature: the possibility of send a list of reproduction in a kind of capsule of the time. Actually, it is an annual playlist that we can configure so that it is sent to us in the future automatically with the songs and artists that we have listened to the most in the last year.

This is a feature that gives us the possibility of creating a “musical time capsule” that will be saved until 2024 and that, at the indicated time, will be sent to us automatically. Configuring this option is something simple that we can achieve on any mobile device.

We cannot deny that Spotify is one of the best music streaming services, with an infinite number of songs to listen to and, above all, very interesting features that make using your application a pleasure, such as the possibility of mixing playlists, utilities such as closing session in all accounts at once, and for musicians a space to upload your music and share it to the world.

But in this case, we are going to use another feature that is interesting to me, it is not essential either, but it is one more addition that can become very fun: send the list of songs that we like in this song to the “future me”. epoch.

We imagine something like looking at the Facebook posts we made years ago that make us think: What kind of problems did he have at that time?

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Send playlist in a time capsule on Spotify

Update app.

The first thing we will have to do is make sure that we have the latest version of Spotify for iOS (which we can find here) and Android (which we are going to download from the official store).

After having updated the application, we will have to use a web browser and go to the Playlist In a Bottle website from Spotify from which we can access through this link.

Create time capsule playlist on Spotify.

The Spotify app will open to a page called Playlist in a Bottle and we can begin the process of creating our own musical time capsule. So we are going to have to click on Start to start, this button is at the bottom of the page.

Here we are going to have to choose the time capsule we want to use. To serve as an example, we can choose between a gumball machine, lunch box, little bear, acorn, bottle, etc. It is something purely aesthetic and does not really affect anything.

After selecting the particular element, we will have to click Next at the bottom of the screen.

We will be asked a series of questions related to music, which we will have to answer. For example: the song we need to hear live in 2023, one that reminds us of someone special or the song with which we want to kiss that unique person.

How to Complete Playlist in a Bottle on Spotify

We will receive three basic questions to create our own time capsule. Although we can continue adding more songs by answering different questions or adding them manually.

Add songs.

When we go through the steps to answer the questions, we’ll need to make sure to hit Next after answering each one.

Complete questions.

After completing the questions, we will click on the I’m done button, the Continue or Next question button to be able to add more music to the playlist.

Add specific music.

Once we are ready (it can be at any time) we are going to press Block to continue. As an alternative, we can click on Add songs to add more content in the time capsule.

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After completing all the questions and adding the songs we want, it is possible to digitally seal the musical time capsule. Additionally, we can press Share to send the playlist to our friends through applications that we have installed or social networks.

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