It is very simple send files of a telephone android to one chrome book thanks to NearShare. In this way we can move documents without the need for cables or cloud storage. Below, we will find a detailed guide of everything we must do to achieve it.

Chromebooks have come a long way since their launch and have managed to adapt perfectly to the times. From remapping the keyboard, using social networks like TikTok, disabling the touch screen, restricting it to certain users, personalization at a very important level, and much more.

Configure NearShare

Connected devices.

Near Share or Nearby Share is easy to use on mobile devices like Chrome OS. For this we are going to have to go to Settings and then in the left sidebar, we will press Connected devices.


In the panel on the right, we will click on Configure next to Near Share.

We will have to enter a name for our Chromebook, it is the one that we will use to guide us and connect both devices, once we do so, we will click Next.

Next, we’re going to need to select visibility on our device. Hidden gives us more privacy, while All Contacts has less chance of errors appearing. Then we click Confirm.

Send files from an Android phone to a Chromebook with Near Share


We are going to click on the time, which is located in the lower right corner of the taskbar of our Chromebook.


Next, we swipe left on the Quick Settings toggles, if we can’t see Near Share at a glance. Once we see it, we will have to select it.

Choose visibility.

Once activated, the Chromebook is available to connect with other devices, although we have five minutes to do so.

Share with Near Share.

We go to our mobile and choose the file that we want to send, once we have it open we are going to click on Share within the app in which we open it.

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Among the options, we select Nearby Share and choose the name that we previously gave our Chromebook.

Send files from phone to Chromebook with Near Share

We return to Chromebook and a message will appear that we must accept for the files to be sent.

When the transfer is complete, a notification will appear giving us the option to go directly to the Downloads folder, which is where all the downloaded files are stored. If we explicitly turn on the Near Share visibility, it will be turned off after receiving the file, so we’ll have to turn it back on to transfer other files.

Share multiple files

Google is working to improve this feature and one of the limitations that received the most complaints is that of being able to share one file at a time. We would have to be repeating the same process for each file, which is somewhat cumbersome. Luckily, a recent update fixes this problem.

Select files to send to Chromebook.

The first thing will be to make sure that Near Share is active on both devices. We open the Files app on the phone and go to the photo or file that we want to share. We will click on the three vertical points that are to the right of the file.

So we can send files from the phone to Chromebook with Near Share

We choose Share and press the Nearby button which is at the top of the sheet to share, here we can select the devices to which we want to send the files.

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