How useful would it be to be able send messages of WhatsApp without the need of save the number of Contact Certain? Luckily, the application offers a wide variety of methods to achieve this, so that it is possible to send a WhatsApp message to a person that we have not scheduled and that we have no intention of scheduling at any time. How? A little further down we will teach you several methods.

Send WhatsApp messages without adding or saving contact number

Using the “Messages to yourself” feature

The necessary function “Messege Yourself” or “Messages to yourself” in WhatsApp is relatively new, we can also use it to send text messages to other people without saving their number. In order to use this method we will have to do the following:

Send WhatsApp messages without saving the contact number

The first thing will be to go to the Message to yourself chat with our phone number and its respective WhatsApp label. Then we’ll write or paste the phone number that we didn’t save in the chat and send it to us.

Open chat from the number.

When we send it, the unbooked phone number will appear in blue, in the same way that it does every time we send a number to any of our contacts. So the only thing we are going to have to do is click on the number and in the pop-up menu we will choose Chat with and a chat window will open automatically.

From a WhatsApp group

Something that is also done a lot is to take advantage of when we are in a group in common with a person we do not have scheduled. This is achieved too easily.

Open private chat from a group.

The first thing we will do is open the group chat and click on that person’s number. A pop-up window will appear where we will have to choose “Message ”.

Search among group members.

Something that is normal to happen is that we cannot locate the phone number among so many available. So we will press the name of the group at the top to go to configuration. After this, we go down to the list of participants and look for the number we want to send a message to. Click on it and we can start chatting.

Use WhatsApp Link to Text

An official and simple method to be able to send a message to a person without having them scheduled is WhatsApp Link to Text. This is something that allows you to generate official links to phone numbers to communicate with them. It is something that many companies use from their social networks and websites to facilitate communication with their users.

However, it is also something that we can take advantage of to meet our goal. How? It is achieved too easily and for this we start by opening a new preferred web browser on iOS or Android. Let’s copy this link and we will paste it in the address bar of the browser.

Obviously, before pressing Enter, where it says “number” we will have to change it to the complete telephone number with the international code of the country of the person with whom we wish to communicate. It is not necessary to add any kind of symbol (+ or -), zeros or square brackets.

Using WhatsApp Link to text

To make it better understood, we can send a message to a person who is in Argentina. We would simply have to have a URL like this: In this country, 11 is the code of Argentina and the rest its number.

Now yes, we press Enter and we will automatically see a button that says Continue with the chat, which will open the mobile application immediately to be able to chat. This is something that we can also do from the web application and it gives us the option to open WhatsApp web.

In case of entering a number that does not belong to a WhatsApp user, what we will see will be an error message in the application.

Using Truecaller

There are many users of iOS Y Android who have the Truecaller application installed on their devices to filter calls, prevent spam messages or block SMS. This app is also used to send WhatsApp messages without the need to add them to our contacts.

We open the application and enter the phone number in the search bar at the top. After this, we will click on the contact name identified by the application to view more details.

In the contact details section in Truecaller, we will see the option to send a message on WhatsApp without saving the number. When we click on this option, Truecaller sends us directly to the WhatsApp chat window to start the conversation.

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