• Customizing subtitles in Prime Video seems like a slightly more difficult task than it actually is.
  • By virtue of the device where we are running Amazon Prime Video, the procedure changes

The least we can expect when we choose content to have fun on Netflix and services similar to it, is fully understand everything the characters say who participate in the different productions. Precisely for this reason, we are convinced that knowing how to configure Amazon Prime Video subtitles will allow you to enjoy your favorite series and movies on this platform moreand this task is likely to be somewhat difficult for those who are not used to on-demand applications and their internal menus.

And it is that despite the fact that Amazon Prime Video needs little introduction because we all know it, as well as its potential for the transmission of various titles acclaimed by the public, it is essential find out how to customize the subtitles depending on the manufacturer of the television from which we are running it.

Set up subtitles on Amazon Prime Video step by step

As we said before, there are small distinctions that we must mention by virtue of the device where we are running Amazon Prime Video, although Here we show you how to do it in each case.

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From Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick is the remote that comes bundled with the dongle from Amazon and, therefore, the most common gadget when we try to manage Prime Video subtitles, an accessory that will save us in almost all cases.

  • With the content in question running, press the button with three horizontal lines on your Fire TV Stick
  • Press the button to go up and select the Subtitles, to enter their Settings
  • Within the subtitles, choose the ones you want and modify them later from the CC icon in playback
set subtitles Prime Video Fire TV Stick

Is that by activating them from the specific menu provided for them, you make sure that they appear later. Disabling them is just as easy, because you have to repeat this process but deselect subtitles.

From Xbox or PlayStation consoles

Amazon Prime Video is compatible with the main consoles, both Microsoft and Sony. Indeed, you will be able to change the subtitles by following the same steps, but with their controls.

From Roku

Roku doesn’t support preset subtitles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to watch TV shows and movies. In other words, the way to access this menu and determine how we want it is opposite.

  • Take the Roku remote and press the Home button
  • Go to Settings in the menu on the left
  • Go to Accessibility and Settings once there
set subtitles Prime Video Roku

You will see that you can choose active, inactive or playing subtitles onlySo go for one. By activating them, they will be displayed above the contents. With the CC icon you will be able to customize them in seconds.

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From iPhone or Android

Setting up subtitles in Prime Video on iOS or Android isn’t complicated assuming you’re already logged in.

  • Open the Prime Video application on your mobile, and launch the content you want to see
  • While the video is playing, tap the screen to open the playback controls
  • Press the text bubble icon at the bottom corner of the screen and enter the subtitles
set subtitles Prime Video iPhone Android

To turn them off, repeat the same action but tap Off as far as Subtitles are concerned.

From MacOS or Windows

Prime Video’s web client has little to envy to its official applications, and it’s ideal for MacOS and Windows. The necessary steps respect the same logic as in the other devicesso you just have to do this:

  • Playing the video you want, go to the playback menu and click on the text bubble
  • Already in Subtitles, select the language of the subtitles and enable this function from there on

From a Smart TV

If you have a smart TV, regardless of its manufacturer, the steps to follow to configure subtitles on Amazon Prime Video are quite similar, and we start by playing the content we want, then entering the CC icon to activate or deactivate them, in the same way as on YouTube.

The good news is that the Prime Video app is available in Smart TV stores, for absolutely all current equipment, so it is impossible for you to stay without being able to install and use it on your model.

While there may be slight differences from the manufacturer, In general, there is an Accessibility menu within this application, which invites us to configure the subtitles as we would prefer to see them according to each title..

set subtitles Prime Video Smart TV

Keep in mind that this same menu includes the subtitles, so you can configure it as you like. Contrary, you could end up compromising the reproduction of the subtitlesso don’t forget it.

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Have you been able to configure your subtitles on Amazon Prime Video with this series of specific tricks?

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