It is possible to obtain money on the internet, it is the dream of many and there are currently hundreds of ways to take a little money into our pocket, although it is not exactly easy. We can start at set up a google adsense account for a WordPress blog, it is something very easy to achieve and we can start generating money instantly. Although what we generate will depend on the number of visits we have, among several other factors.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising program that allows us to place advertising on our website to earn money from people who visit the blog. It is paid based on impressions, clicks, bounce rate, and various other factors that can affect monetization. Some themes even pay more than others, something to take into consideration.

Create and configure a Google Adsense account for a WordPress blog

Before starting to set up a Google Adsense account, obviously we are going to need to create one to start and the steps to follow are simple, although it will require a little patience.

  • The first thing we will do is go to the Google Adsense website.
  • We will have to click on Create account.
  • We proceed to enter our name, email address and website address.
  • Now we will click on Create an account to finish configuring it.
  • In the Account Summary section, we will click on the Adsense Settings link, just below the Google Adsense heading.
  • In Adsense Settings, just below the Programming Languages ​​and Frameworks heading, we will need to choose WordPress.
  • Under Display Options, we choose WordPress again.
  • Then we will see Web Properties, where we will have to enter the URL of the blog.
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Configuring advertising on our blog

As we mentioned before, it is a program that allows us to earn money by showing different ads on the web. Registration is free and easy as you will appreciate and the possibilities of earning money are quite wide.

After having our account and log in to the Adsense website. We’re going to see the Settings tab and a button that says Edit Settings. In this section we are going to have to scroll down until we see the section that says Allow all pages on this site to publish ads. Check the box next to this option and click OK.

Adsense is also used on YouTube, so you can use the same account you have for your blog on your YouTube channel. However, making money online with Adsense is not exactly easy, it requires a lot of effort and above all, a large number of daily visits.

We should not expect to earn a good amount of money with 100 daily visits, it is necessary to have thousands of visits constantly to be able to start generating something. What we must make clear is that, within all similar advertising systems, Google’s option is the one that pays the best and by far.

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