From turning on all smart lights with a motion sensor or turning off all cameras with a simple command. Whatever the domestic routines that we have, we can set up Google Home so that you can run them without problems.

What are and how to configure the domestic routines of Google Home

Google Home has two types of routines, we find the domestic and personal routines. The most important difference is that home routines can be edited and created by anyone who lives in our home and, obviously, they cannot have personal information of any kind. For example, calendar events only work in personal routines.

As part of the domestic routines, we find a default “at home” routine and an “Away” routine that can be customized. They use sensors and other location data to be able to determine when household members are out or when someone returns home and try to start a routine based on this.

In this article, we will see how to configure Google Home’s domestic routines so that it does all the work for us.

Create a home routine

Create domestic routine.

In order to set up a Google Home routine, we’re going to need to launch the app. When the routine is ready, we will also be able to use the Google Nest smart speakers and displays to be able to use it.

  • We start by opening the Google Home app.
  • Next, we click on the Routines icon, which is shaped like a purple circle with a sun inside.
  • Now we are going to have to press the more button that is in the lower right.
  • After this we are going to choose Home.
  • Let’s name the routine. This will be what we will tell Google to start it. For example: “Hey Google, start chill time.”
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It is also important to add, even if it is a starter. This will be what starts or triggers the Routine. It is possible to opt for a specific voice command, time and/or day of the week, sunrise or sunset, or when a device does something.

It is feasible to select more than a single initiator. This means that we can have a routine start only on Wednesdays after sunset when the bell rings.

We will add, even if it is an action. Actions are things like turning smart home devices on or off, whatever you have around the house; get weather information; adjust the volume of the music or other media player.

So, for example, we could add a movie time routine. Which would turn on the TV, send an announcement to the Nest speakers and show that it’s time for a movie, dimming the lights, closing the door and adjusting the thermostat.

In case the routine is audio, something like playing music or listening to a podcast, we will have to choose from which speaker or screen we want it to be played. In case we choose no device, the messages will be sent to the phone as a notification.

In order to save all the changes, we will proceed to click Save. After configuring everything, at any time we can activate it with our voice by saying “Ok Google, start routine name” or by pressing the play icon next to the routine in the app.

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