Share a calendar from Google It is a great way to keep others up to date on company events, business or our agenda. We can share it even with our partner, co-workers, friends, etc. No matter the reason, the only thing that matters is that it is extremely easy to do it and a little below we will show you how to share it with specific people or publicly.

Share a Google calendar

At present it is possible to configure sharing from the web of Google Calendar. This is not something that can be done from the application for mobile devices. Therefore, we will have to visit the Web Google Calendar, log in if we have not done it yet and we will have to follow the steps that we leave you below, to be able to get it.

Setting up and sharing Google calendar.

Once we are on the website, the first thing we will do is click on “Options” which would be the three points on the right side of the calendar that we want to share. We can share the calendar we want.

After we do, a new menu will appear and we will have to click on “Settings and share”.

Add people.

In the Configuration part, we will have to select the option “Share with specific people “ in the left sidebar of the screen. Then, from the right side, we are going to have to click on the button that says “Add people”.

Share Google calendar with specific people

We will have to add the email or name of the people with whom we want to share the calendar. We can add multiple people.

In the permissions drop-down box, we must grant the appropriate permissions for these people. This is something that you will have to configure depending on your preferences.

When we finish, we will simply have to click on “Send”. This will send by email an invitation to the selected people, said invitation must be accepted by them to be able to access.

Edit permissions.

After doing this, we will go back to the Settings screen and we will be able to see all the people with whom we have shared the calendar. We can even use the drop-down menu on the right side of each person with whom we share the calendar to modify permissions.

How to set a calendar as public on Google

Instead, if we want to share a calendar publicly. Then we will have to do the following.

We are going to have to click on the Options of the calendar that we want to share, as we show you a little above. Then we will have to select “Configuration and sharing”.

How to publicly share Google calendar.

In this new section, we will have to choose “Access permissions for events” in the left sidebar. Now, on the right, we are going to check the box that says “Make available to the public.”

We will receive a message that anyone can find the calendar and view it. So we will click “Accept” to continue.

From the drop-down box on the right, we will be able to select the permissions that the people who will access said calendar will have.

Then we will get a link to share said calendar wherever we want: websites, social networks, WhatsApp, email, etc.

How to stop sharing a Google calendar

In the event that we no longer want to share a calendar, this is too easy. Let’s see how we should proceed a little further down.

Stop sharing with a specific person

Stop sharing Google calendar.

In the event that you want to stop sharing with one or more specific people, we will have to go to Settings and sharing> Share with specific people. Now we are going to look for that person and click on the “X” that is on the right side of it.

Stop sharing publicly

Stop making the Google calendar public.

We go back to Settings and sharing> Access permissions for calendar events that we are sharing and uncheck the option to “Make available to the public.”

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