• In order to offer varied content to the audience, sharing publications from the feed of others can be an interesting proposal for those who follow you, opening the range of stories
  • This camaraderie, which can also encourage the same people to decide to share your own posts in their stories, is an attractive way to relate to others
  • You can even choose whether to share those posts with everyone, or just a few followers.

As we know, Instagram stories are one of the main claims of users who use this social network on a daily basis. Most of us take advantage of such specific content to engage with our followers. Having said that, if you’d like to spread someone else’s post, you can always choose to share that post to your new Instagram storiesalso showing a certain camaraderie.

Although the option was not available on the first day on the platform, a short time later the Instagram developers decided to add it, and its adoption by most customers was almost immediate. Today, a good percentage of shared stories have a third-party publication among their content.

Of course, that is one of the alternatives that exist, since it also we can share tweets in stories and other elements that make up the Instagram ecosystem, so let’s find out more details about it.

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Share an Instagram post to stories on iOS or Android

Share an original post on Instagram

This first basic trick will make share someone else’s post without applying changes to them.

  • Open Instagram and navigate to the post to share
  • Click on the paper plane icon below it
  • Go to Add post to your story, and confirm in Your story, in the lower left corner

Share a custom post on Instagram

In second instance, you can add a title or comment about the publication you share.

  • Open Instagram and navigate to the post to share
  • Click on the paper plane icon below it
  • Go to Add post to your story, and click on the icon, at the top of the window
  • Confirm in Your story, in the lower left corner, to upload your story

In addition to the text, it is possible to add some classic Instagram custom stickers and details.

How to share memories on Instagram

Instagram memories are posts that have been archived by the platformand that shows us when an anniversary is fulfilled or when there is an event, so we can share them with the followers so that they can see them.

  • Open Instagram and press the three horizontal lines menu, at the top
  • Go to Archive and, within this section, to Story Archive
  • Browse through your memories, until you find the publication to share, and click on it
  • Confirm with the Share button and, when pressed, continue with Send to, and finally, Your story
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And how to share them only with selected users?

In the event that you just want to send someone’s posts to another specific Instagram user, you can do that too. Basically what you’re going to do is share that post via DM.

  • Open Instagram and navigate to the post to share
  • Click on the paper plane icon below it
  • Now tap on the bubble next to the contact you want to share the post with, and tap Send

Likewise, you can share it with a group, by clicking on Create group, instead of choosing a contact. Another way out would be to share it in your stories, but only in those that your Best Instagram Friends see.


There are different circumstances when you might want to share an Instagram post to your story. To build a loyal audience, sharing others’ posts on instagram can help your popularity.

You should also not rule out sharing memories, which is something that most followers tend to like.

Do you have any other tips, tricks or questions related to sharing Instagram posts to your story?

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