Sometimes receiving too many notifications from an application or a group chat can drive us crazy and put us in a very bad mood. In these cases the ideal is silence any notification on iPhone or iPad and forget about the problem.

Starting with iOS 15 and iPadOS15, Apple has modified the way silent notifications work. The silent delivery function does not exist anymore and is replaced with the possibility of silencing the notifications of any application too simply and from the lock screen or in the notification center.

Quickly mute any notification on iPhone or iPad

Control center

The first thing we will do is look for the notification in question on the lock screen or from the notification center. If you’re on the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification center. Once we find the notification, we will proceed to slide it to the left.


Now we will have to click on the “Options” button.

Disable notification sound or vibration on iPhone or iPad.

Here we have a couple of options: “Silence for an hour” or “Silence for today” and in this way we can quickly silence them without having to access the system settings.

When we do this, the notifications will not vibrate or ring the phone. However, they will still be available in the notification center.

And actually that’s a good thing. We must bear in mind that the only way to activate the sound of an application is through the Notification Center. There is no option for this in Device Settings.

Activate notification sound.

When we want to activate the notifications of an application again. The only thing we will have to do is look for them in the notification center, we slide it to the left; click on the “Options” button and choose “Activate sound”.

In this way we will receive notifications with sound or vibration as a cost. But as you can see it is too easy to silence the notifications of the applications. This is ideal for when we are working and we do not want certain notifications bother us, but we do not want to deactivate the sound of the telephone in case an emergency occurs or someone calls us.

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