We are working on a list and little by little it gets longer and longer. There comes a point where we must alphabetize list in word Do we have to do it manually? No, it’s not necessary. The application has a very useful option that will allow us to do it automatically.

Alphabetize a single list in Word

Sorting texts in alphabetical order always works the same way, regardless of whether we decide to create a table, paragraph, or list. Although we must consider that Word is not able to do much with regard to multi-level lists.

What does this mean? That the alphabetization format will only work correctly with a single list. If we apply it to multi-level lists, Word will take care of grouping the lines and ordering them alphabetically, which will make the presentation of the document look bad.

In these cases, the best option is to do it one list at a time. Each list can be copied onto a separate page or document, then we proceed to sort it alphabetically.

The first thing will be to open the document that has the list or the paragraph that we want to order. Another option would be to copy it to a new document, as we discussed earlier.

Next, we are going to proceed to highlight the list that we are going to order. As we would with any other part of the text.

Now we are going to proceed to click on the Home tab at the top of the screen and we will go to the Paragraphs section. Here we are going to click on the Sort icon which is an A over a Z next to an arrow pointing down. A Sort Text window should open.

Within the Sort Text window, we will need to set the sort order. The Ascending option sorts the list in alphabetical order, while Descending does it in reverse.

In case the list entries are of two words and we want to order by the second, we will go to Options in the lower left corner. Then we go to Separate fields by and click on Other.

Next, we’re going to have to enter just a space, click OK, and select Word 2 from the Sort By menu. We click OK when we finish.

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