Something that can be considerably useful and productive is split screen in windows 11. In this way we can be working on a Word document, while viewing relevant information in another window, for example. This depends on our needs and imagination.

Let’s pretend that we are working with a program like Excel and we want to be viewing a video at the same time. We can split the screen, leave Excel on the left and the video on the right, maybe a website with relevant information, whatever we want; These methods that we will discuss a little further down work for all kinds of applications.

Split screen in Windows 11 with Snap Layout


The first thing will be to press “Windows + i” to open the System Configuration. In this section we are going to have to go to System in the left sidebar and then to Multitasking.

Activate Snap in Windows.

We will have to make sure that the option “Snap Windows” is activated. This will give us the possibility to access the Snap design, which was previously called Snap Assist, it is an interesting function to be able to split the screen.

Open split screen options.

Next, we will have to move the cursor over the button, maximize the window and we can see that the Snap design appears. We click on the bar on the left and the window will be adjusted in this place.

On the right side we can choose another window. We will also be able to use the positioning slider to the left or right to be able to adjust the size.

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It is even possible to choose other Snap layouts to divide the screen into three parts and horizontally.

With keyboard shortcuts

Open snap options.

In case we want to split the screen quickly and easily, we can use keyboard shortcuts. We will press Windows + Z in an active window and the Snap layout will appear; Now we can choose the one that suits us.

We will also look at the numbers associated with each plugin layout. We can press the corresponding numbers on our keyboard to be able to adjust the desired position of the screen.

Split Windows screen.

Another interesting option, which works on Windows 10, inclusive. It is to press Windows + one of the keyboard arrows in the active window. In this way the window will be adjusted and we can choose the other window that we want to adjust next to this one.

We can even accommodate multiple windows to have 2, 3 or 4 active on the screen at the same time. It is simply a matter of playing with the Windows key and the arrow keys on the keyboard.

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