• Automatic video playback in Chrome violates your privacy… and mobile data
  • For business reasons, Google does not offer a way out of this problem and we must look for it ourselves
  • What are the ways from which to stop autoplaying videos in Chrome?

In general, especially young people, we don’t want others to be watching or listening to what we see. Unfortunately, many platforms have taken the audacity to automatically play different videos that appear on the screen, and with the proliferation of these types of files, that can be a problem. Fairly, If you are tired of content playing by itself while you browse, in this article you will discover how to stop videos from autoplaying in Chromethe most used in the segment.


In short, it is clear that the automatic playback of a video is not a matter of life and death, but also that we should be able to customize to what extent these contents should be played or not.

Beyond the privacy issues inherent to each one, it must be considered that this automatic reproduction It also assumes the consumption of mobile datasomething that more than one user will want to avoid.

Can autoplay be disabled in Chrome?

Although we do not doubt that Google developers will incorporate a function specifically thinking about this need sooner or later, for now there is no way to disable its automatic reproduction. Organically, of course, because we do have several third-party ways to disable it.

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Thanks to the different solutions that we are going to cover in the following lines, you will find out some interesting ways to reduce the negative impact that autoplay has on Chrome when you browse.

This is how to disable Chrome autoplay in Windows

As we said, you can’t stop videos from autoplaying in Chrome with its settings, but there remains the option to use third-party extensions to achieve this very goal in simple steps.

Keep in mind that Chrome tries to block these alternatives, so if one stops working, you just have to find another to replace it, and so on. Google wants you to watch the videos because they are mostly from their business partners, so they will do everything possible to remove the extensions.

As if that were not enough, the move from Flash to HTML5 also caused many of the extensions to be removed.

Useful extensions to prevent autoplay in Chrome

AutoplayStopper (discharge)

AutoplayStopper is a Chrome extension that pauses any autoplay video on a web. We could say that it is one of the most up-to-date and one of the ones with the best ratings in its history. Eventually this could change, so this is something you should check as you read the article.


The best thing is that this application blocks Flash videos and HTML5 videos equally, without making any distinctions. It has numerous customizations, such as allowing videos from some portals to be played. You can even set rules indicating that they are deleted the next time you open Chrome.

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Disable HTML5 Autoplay (Reloaded) (discharge)

The Disable HTML5 Autoplay (Reloaded) extension is an application that not only blocks the autoplay of HTML5 videos, but also connects to the JavaScript API to control simulated behaviors and allow media control restrictions, making it advisable for seasoned.

HTML5 Autoplay Blocker (discharge)

HTML5 Autoplay Blocker is a Chrome extension focused on blocking autoplay videos based on this language, although its latest updates date from more than three years ago.

Probably for this reason it is that some videos escape him beyond the fact that, in general, he complies well.


At this point, Do you know how to reduce the annoyance caused by autoplay in Chrome. Using third-party extensions, such as the ones we have mentioned, you can limit playback in this browser.

While we wait for the developers at Google to do something about it, which is possible but not likely, we should be content with these non-Big G solutions that aren’t bad and actually work.

Assuming that this is not enough for you, in that case we must recommend that you opt for another browser. Remember that there are many based on Chromium, the Chrome engine, in which the experience is similar.

Have you managed to stop videos from autoplaying in Chrome thanks to these tricks?

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