We all love streaming services, we can enjoy hundreds of very different contents and spend hours entertained. But is it fun to watch all this alone? Obviously not, although thanks to Discord can transmit what we see in Netflix and share it with our friends without even having to leave home. Ideal for cold nights where we want to watch a good comedy movie accompanied by the laughter of our loved ones.

Stream Netflix on Discord

Netflix website.

The first thing we will do is open our favorite web browser and access the netflix website. We will also have to have the Discord application open and connected to the server on which we are going to stream Netflix. If you do not have the application downloaded on your computer, we recommend downloading and installing it from the Official siteis a light and quick app to install.

Activity status.

Next, we are going to click on Settings at the bottom left of the page, right next to our profile icon (it looks like a gear) and we are going to go to “Activity status” in the left sidebar.

Add browser.

Here we will have to click on “Add it” and we will choose the browser tab that has Netflix open. Once we have done this, we will click on the “Add game” button.

Share screen.

After leaving the Settings screen, we are going to have to click on the screen icon that is also located in the lower left corner, near the profile picture.

Choose Netflix on Discord.

A pop-up window will appear where we will decide what we want to share. Obviously, we are going to have to choose the tab that we have previously configured.

Stream Netflix on Discord.

In this new window we are going to have to adjust the transmission settings. Once we have everything ready, we are simply going to click on “Go Live” to start broadcasting.

So we can stream Netflix on Discord

Now we simply go back to the tab where we have Netflix open and start playing the content.

Something very positive about this is that we can stream any movie online to watch with friends, leave our camera on and talk to them while we enjoy an excellent entertaining moment. It is ideal for these times, especially when winter is coming and nobody wants to leave the house.

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