• A personal web page is, in a way, an extended version of the traditional resume. Within it you can see a good part of the potential that each one has
  • You don’t have to be a programming professional or anything like that, but anyone can enjoy their own quality profile, as long as they attend to some basic questions

If you have a personal page, you will probably want it to show your best version, because that will make you more famous in the circle in which you move, that you have recognition among peers, make your brand known, etc. However, achieving this will depend on knowing all the tools available to raise the quality of your content on the Internet. Next, we propose a review of these instruments that you should consider.

In the end, we could say that, at present, a person page is nothing more than an extended resume. you will notice that there are more and more people who, when they become public, do not hesitate to launch their own portal.

And don’t be scared if you don’t have great programming knowledge, since today there are multiple solutions that we can trust in these cases, many of which greatly facilitate the work to be done.

Components that do not have to be missing on your website


Of course, the first thing you will have to consider is the Home Pagea kind of description of the site. It should contain a quick introduction about who you are, links to social networks, an email, etc..

work page

The work page is a general description of what you do, what you do or want to do. You have to include all the projects in which you are immersedwith details about them.

blog page

A blog page is not essential, it is true, but it can give your audience a better picture about you. Each blog could function as a cardwith a cover, a text, and some images to delve deeper.

About me page

And if we talk about blogs and you’ve been involved in this world for a long time, the about me page is a must. We are talking about a collection of the most relevant information about you and what you do. Like a summary.

Contact Form

Always, but especially when you need others to contact you, for example to hire you, you will have to make a contact form accessibleso that this action is facilitated.

Profile page

The profiles page contains links to some top profiles, both yours and people you recommend. This will depend on how you want to use the tool among the many available solutions out there.

What other things to take into account?

Now that you know the main aspects that should make up a well-done personal page, let’s see other things you should keep in mind, and that can make the user experience even better.


A website shouldn’t have too many animations, it’s true, but one or another could give it more life. As long as you notice that those animations don’t slow down the site too much, you could include them in it.


A count of the visits that you have received in some part of your personal page would not hurt either. there you have multiple tools that Google itself providesand you can take advantage of any of them for your analytics.


After a while, you will probably have the feeling that the design that convinced you at the beginning, no longer does.. It’s a common perception, and you’ll have to do a couple of tries before you’re 100% satisfied.

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