On some occasions we live incredible adventures, with friends and on others alone. Thanks to pets we can achieve many things, from defeating mobs together or a companion that helps us save time while traveling. For this we have to be clear how to tame animals in minecraft and getting it is too easy.

Minecraft is one of those games that presents us with so many options that it can be overwhelming, especially if we install mods. We have different rare blocks, which, if we are new, we would have no idea what they can be used for. You can even build an automatic chicken farm, a great reason why you’ll need to tame a few chickens at first.

Tame animals in Minecraft

tame a cat

We will find cats in any biome that a village may have and we will need raw cod or raw salmon to tame it. But just like in real life, cats in Minecraft are fast and will run away when they see you.

To be able to approach the cat with the cod or salmon, we will have to stay close and watch how it slowly approaches us. When the cat is close enough, we can proceed to feed it until hearts appear on its head.

Taming a horse

Luckily, horses can be found in simple biomes. Taming one is an easy thing as they enjoy different types of food: golden apples, wheat, hay bales, carrots, sugar.

In order to tame a horse we must feed it and then mount it. It’s important to stay on top of him until he stops kicking and we see a heart on his head.

tame an ocelot

It is not at all easy to tame an ocelot. The first thing to keep in mind is that they are in the jungle and finding a jungle biome is not easy. Just like cats, they like raw cod and salmon.

taming a wolf

Wolves appear in all kinds of forests, they like bones and different meats. When we get close, we will have to have bones and meat until the heart sign appears above his head. A necklace will also appear on his neck.

How to tame a wolf

This is something relatively simple, we will achieve it with wheat seeds and we will have to right click on the bird until we see the heart symbol on its head. The positive thing about taming a parrot is that it will fly and sit on your man when he is fully tamed.

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