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  • Tracking your health in Excel for free is possible if you have Office installed on your PC
  • There are various templates that allow you to collect data and analyze it by day, month and/or year
  • What are the steps to follow to record such important information in a file?

Smart watches, to mention just one example of devices that we can wear as fashion accessories although they have other functions, have gradually become essential gadgets to face every day. But although wearables they are the best option for our training and rest, in this article we want to show you that you can also keep track of your health in Excelvery simply.

That is to say, It is not necessary to invest money in a smartwatch or anything similar if what you want is to know if that routine designed in the gym or that you have put together at home is giving results in your body. Basically, because if you take the time you will be able to perform the same metrics and calculations in Office.

The key is to take advantage of one of Excel’s key tools, such as the classic templates. you only need choose one that has been designed for this purpose and enter the data collected.

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Having an XLSX file with all the details will allow you to share the information with whoever you want. Assuming that you are in contact with a doctor or nutritionist, they will surely appreciate this daily dedication.

Tricks to keep track of your health in Excel

Record calories and fat percentage (download template)

Evidently, tracking calories and fat percentage is one of the best uses for these templates. By downloading the format in question, you will be able to summarize the calories from fat and what percentage they represent by comparing them with the weight of the food, so that you can choose the ideal portions.

All you have to do is enter the day, the food, the calories and the grams of fat over the total, observing how, little by little, the template offers you contrasted details about your rations.

health tracking excel 2

Diet and training statistics (download template)

If you want collaboration to reach your goals regarding general health, diet and training, you will probably find in this template a great ally so that nothing relevant escapes you.

You must enter the foods with their fats, proteins and carbohydrates, in the tab dedicated to Diet. Simultaneously, also complete with your exercises and calories burned Thanks to the activity.

Include start and end dates, then review the analytics through easy-to-understand graphs. You will be able to be aware of your progress without requiring any device, and that is something that is appreciated.

health monitoring excel 3

Food intake and calorie consumption (download template)

Another way to not be tied to a training tracking system is the food and calorie template. As long as you’re not convinced how many calories your body requires per day, you can find out right away.

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At the top of the template, place information such as age, weight, height, training and what purpose you have. You will see, almost without delay, a complete table that shows the number of calories you should consume per day.

Health Tracking Excel 4

weight loss tracking (download template)

Sometimes, what you will be most interested in is being able to lose weight in a short time, and the weight loss follow-up proposed through this template is a solution that you should not rule out due to the effectiveness it demonstrates.

Locate your desired weight at the top and use the chart to record your weight for each instance. Quickly, you will see how much you need to reach your perfect weight if you maintain the current rate.

health tracking excel 5

fitness plan (download template)

If you are more for the work of a physical conditioning plan that involves all aspects potential, you will discover in this template the file where to gather from your meals to the size of your muscles.

Undoubtedly, this is focused on those who work to achieve muscle hypertrophy from your diet. With the previous templates mastered, getting this conditioning plan is the next logical step.

health monitoring excel 6

Which of these templates for tracking your health and training in Excel do you like the most?

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