Surely on many occasions we have seen one or another video and we loved a part of it. How can we keep only that specific part? it’s possible trim videos with VLC Media Player in a matter of a few minutes. In this simple guide we are going to teach you everything we must do.

Trim Videos in VLC Media Player

Advanced controls.

We will first start our video with VLC Media Player. Once opened, we are going to enable the advanced controls so that we can record the video and no, no editing programs are needed. For this we will have to go to the application menu bar and select View> Advanced controls. In case the option is already activated, then we do not need to do anything else in this regard.

Record VLC videos.

Next, we go to the bottom left corner of VLC, we are going to see the advanced controls. Here we will have to start playing the video and take it to the part we want to cut. When we get to that part, we’re going to have to press the red record control.

So we can trim VLC videos

Now VLC will be recording our video. We will have to continue playing it until the part we want to keep. Once we get to that part, we’ll stop the recording by clicking the same red button.

In this simple way, VLC trimmed the video and the resulting version will be available by default in the VLC directory.

Find and change the default VLC recording directory

VLC preferences.

We will start VLC, in the menu bar we will go to Tools > Preferences.

Change destination folder.

In the Simple Preferences window, we are going to have to go to the Input/Codecs tab. Next to Recording directory or file name, we will see the path of the directory where the recorded files are saved by default of VLC. This folder can be accessed from Windows File Explorer.

If we wish, change the folder where the VLC recordings will be saved. We are going to click on Browse in Registry of directory or file name, we will choose our folder and we will click on Select folder. After this we will simply click Save in the Simple Preferences window.

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