We cannot deny that Instagram is one of the largest social networks today, with a huge amount of very varied content. The problem with this is the suggested instagram postsalthough luckily they can deactivate.

On many occasions we find different publications that are not from people or profiles that we follow; something that can be a bit annoying because we mainly want to see content that we have specifically chosen.

But we should not worry too much about this issue because there are two methods so that we can deactivate them temporarily or directly, prevent them from reappearing. A little further down we will see both methods, which will take us just a few seconds to configure.

What are suggested Instagram posts?

The social network is responsible for showing suggested posts once we have seen all the recent content. According to Instagram, the suggestions are based on our activity on the platform, the accounts we follow, the popularity of the posts and the creators of the content.

Disable suggested Instagram posts

Publishing Options.

The first thing we will have to do is find the suggested publication in our feed, now we will click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and choose “I am not interested” in the pop-up menu.

Hide suggestions.

From now on, Instagram will hide the post and show us a notice with the option to postpone the suggested posts for 30 days. So we are going to choose this option to avoid seeing these kinds of posts for a whole month.

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Disable suggestions

Although post suggestions cannot be disabled, we can avoid displaying them with a rather interesting solution. Here the idea is to configure and switch to our “Following” or “Favorites” feeds.

See favorites or people I follow.

These content sources provide us with posts from people we follow, so at no time will we see suggested posts on Instagram.

In this way we are going to use the chronological Instagram feed. To do this, we are going to press on the Instagram logo that is at the top and we will have to choose “Following” or “Favorites” to be able to view the publications that we like.

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