It is normal that from time to time we are forced to block someone in the different applications that we use daily. However, it is also common that from time to time we wish to unlock a somebody in gmail. In the following step-by-step guide, we will see in detail how we can carry out this essential trick from computers as well as from mobile devices.

Unblock someone in Gmail from the desktop version

Obviously, the first thing we will have to do is open Gmail in our favorite web browser and log in with the account where we want to unblock someone; in case we cannot do it, remember that it is possible to recover the account.


In the upper right corner of Gmail, we will have to click on “Settings”, we will recognize the icon, since it has a gear shape.

See all available configurations.

A new menu will appear where we will have to click on “View all settings”.

Filters and blocked addresses.

Once we are on the Settings page, we will navigate through the tabs at the top and click on “Filters and blocked addresses”.

Unblock someone in Gmail

We scroll down the page to the end, here we are going to see all the blocked email addresses. In order to unblock someone in Gmail we will have to click on “Unblock”, an option that is just on the right side.

A notice will appear referring to the fact that we have unblocked this email.

From mobile devices

Manage Gmail account.

The first thing we will do is open the Gmail application on our mobile device. Once open, we are going to go to the upper right and click on our profile icon to choose the “Manage your Google account” option.

Protect my account.

We scroll down and we can see a section that has an option called “Protect your account”.

Gmail settings.

Here we will have to scroll down again until we reach “Security check” and we will have to press “Gmail settings”.

So we can unblock everyone in Gmail.

Once here, under “Blocked email addresses”, we will find all the people we have blocked. To be able to unlock one of these, simply click on “Unlock all”.

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Google will immediately remove all users who have been blocked and that would be it.

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