Compared to Apple and Samsung, who have been in charge of developing quite interesting technologies to find lost devices. Google hasn’t made much progress in this regard and has lagged a bit behind. This is something that we can see in Chromebooks, which do not have a GPS chip and it complicates things a bit in this regard. Therefore, locate a chromebook it becomes complicated because we can’t use find my to find the device chrome OS lost. Although there is still some hope on the horizon, let’s not despair!

Can we use Find My Chromebook to find a lost Chrome OS device?

So, to be very clear, Google’s Find my Device service cannot be used with a lost Chromebook. This service is valid only for Android mobile phones that come with a GPS chip by default. This means that we will not be able to track a Chromebook in real time.

What we can do is log out remotely to protect our private data, we can also get a slight idea of ​​the location based on the IP address, although this is very approximate. So, this is not something precise, we can have an idea of ​​the city or country where the device was lost.

Therefore, we are going to have to use another computer or mobile device and go to the following URL address (If the device we are using does not belong to us, we recommend opening it in incognito mode). Now we’re going to have to sign in with the same account that was on the Chromebook.

My devices.

Once we log in, we will find a list of devices from which we logged in with the same account. So we’re going to have to proceed to find the Chromebook we just lost and sign out.

Choose device.

Next, we will choose Recent Activity, here we can see the last available location. This location is based on the last time the device opened any Google services. What we will have to consider is that the location is estimated using the IP address provided by the ISP, so it is not totally accurate.

Recent activity.

So, to take care of our account data, we will have to click on Close session and confirm the action in the pop-up window.

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This way, the next time someone tries to use the Chromebook, the account will be automatically closed and we won’t have to worry about our private information falling into the wrong hands.

Set up Chrome Remote Desktop

One of the best things we can do is set up Chrome Remote Desktop beforehand. Thanks to this simple application, we will be able to connect to the computer, wherever we are remotely, and delete the Google account from the Chromebook (as long as the device is connected to the internet). To use this function we will need another device. The most comfortable way would be to do it from a PC or Mac, although it is also possible to install Chrome Remote Desktop on mobile devices and use it from here.

In the example that we will give, we have done it from another PC. we open the Remote Desktop page and we log in with the same account that we have associated in Chromebook. After this we will have to click Download and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Install Chrome Remote Desktop

So, what we would be doing is downloading the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on our computer.

Choose name.

After this we are going to click on Configure remote access and we will add a name for the computer.

Create PIN.

We are going to establish a 6-digit PIN.

Choose Chromebook.

On our Chromebook, we will need to open the same web page that we provided above. We will double click on the computer that we have just configured and we will enter the PIN that we specified previously.

Remote access to Chromebook.

In this simple way, we will already have remote access between the Chromebook and the computer. In this way, we will be able to access the Chromebook at any time, if we lose it or it is stolen, we will have the possibility to enter to delete everything we want.

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