All Android devices have several methods to lock the screen, something totally necessary to protect our data from third parties, in most cases this is enough. However, sometimes we need to go a little further and improve the security of our device as much as possible, for that we will use the lockdown mode on android

What is lockdown mode on Android?

In the Google operating system there are several security methods that we can use to prevent an unauthorized third party from using our mobile, although not all of them are equally secure.

For example, the face unlock feature on various devices is relatively easy to get past. We can also have several Bluetooth devices that unlock our device and it is more of the same. In general, the most secure methods would be the PIN, pattern and a password. As long as we are careful with password theft.

Although since Android 9, we have “Lockdown” which is an additional security feature. It allows users to quickly hide screen notifications, disable fingerprint, face, etc.

Basically, when we put our Android in lockdown mode, all unlocking methods considered less secure will be disabled. We can only use the PIN, pattern and password. This is something useful in case we need to protect our device as much as possible.

How to enable lockdown mode on Android

The lockdown feature is available starting with Android 9. We should note that due to the wide variety of Android customizations, there may be differences in setting items. However, the guide can be applied to virtually any kind of device, all of which are very similar.

We start by accessing Settings, for this we are going to press the gear-shaped icon in the application drawer. Once we are in Settings, we are going to have to go to Lock screen.

Now let’s go to Lock Settings, after entering the lock method, we will see some switches to activate different options. The one we have to enable is the one that says “Show blocking option”.

How to use the lock function

In order to use Lockdown, we are going to open the power menu of our phone by pressing and holding the power button that must be on one of the sides of the mobile.

In the menu that appears, we will click on “Lock”. In this way the phone will be locked immediately and we can only use the PIN, pattern and password to unlock it.

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