It is always useful to have a microphone on our computer. There are many apps that we can use to communicate more quickly with our friends: Discord, Microsoft Team, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. The problem comes when we don’t have one. What can we do? we just can wear the phone What microphone in any pc with windows thanks to a simple, but powerful application.

Use my phone as a microphone on a Windows PC

The easiest way to use our phone as a microphone, regardless of its operating system, it can be iOS or Android, is by using a third-party app. This app works pretty well and it’s called WO Mic, it’s one of the best options. The app uses Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi connections to be able to guarantee a configuration to our liking.

WO Mic website.

So we start in our web browser by visiting the official Web site by WO Mic.

Download version for Windows.

We are going to have to download the client to our computer. The version we choose has to have all the necessary drivers for it to work.

Download the app that will allow us to use the phone as a microphone on PC.

We will have to proceed to do the same on our mobile device. In the case of Android we can do it from here and if we have iOS we will do it from this link.

Install Microsoft C++

Once we have everything downloaded, we go back to our PC. We will start the program that we downloaded and if we receive the “missing DLL” message, we will have to install the VC redistributable package from Microsoft.


Once installed, we click on “Connection” in the upper left and press Connect.

Select Bluetooth connection.

Here we will have to choose the type of connection we want. We can use Bluetooth, which would be the most comfortable and works wonderfully, in our example we will choose it.


Next, we are going to have to open Settings on our computer by pressing Windows + i and then we go to Devices. From here, we select Bluetooth and other devices. We will activate the Bluetooth connection so that other devices can detect the computer.

WO Mic setup.

On our mobile phone we also go to Settings and go to the Connections menu. We will turn on Bluetooth and pair the smartphone with the PC. We should see a notification confirming the link.

Connect phone to use as microphone.

We return to the WO Mic window on the PC and in the Bluetooth section, we will choose our phone from the drop-down menu on the right and click on Connect.

In this way we can use the phone as a microphone on PC

We go to the application of our phone, we press Configuration> Transport> Bluetooth.

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Using the USB connection

As an alternative, we can use the USB connection. This is a good idea because the Wi-Fi connection will consume some of our bandwidth and if we are playing games it is not a good idea. Additionally, those with desktop computers without Bluetooth will have to use this option.

We connect our phone to the PC using the USB cable.

Enable USB debugging.

In case it is requested, we will have to install the necessary drivers. We will enable developer mode on our phone and USB debugging.

USB connection.

Now we are going to open WO Mic on the computer and in the left sidebar we are going to choose USB.


We will press the Connected button and open the Settings in the Android version of the app.

So we can use the phone as a microphone on PC

Click on Transport and here we choose USB.

In this simple way, we can connect our mobile phone, be it iPhone or Android, to the computer to use it as a microphone. Then we can use it in any application such as Discord, OBS, Microsoft Team, Skype, etc.

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