One of the great advantages of the new Apple device is precisely the photographic styles in the iPhone 13 camera. In this article we are going to teach you how to configure them and how to leave one by default to use in all the photos you take from now on.

How to use photo styles in the iPhone 13 camera

No matter what model of iPhone 13 you have, the steps to activate and use Photo Styles are the same. So we are going to have to follow this step by step guide to get it.


The first thing we will have to do is start the camera application on iPhone 13.

Camera app

Before continuing, we will have to make sure we are in Photo mode. After this, we are going to have to swipe up from the bottom of the viewer; Once we do, we are going to click on the Photo Styles icon on iPhone. The icon is shaped like three cards stacked in a row.

Modify iPhone 13 photo styles.

We will have to adjust: rich, vibrant, warm and cool contrast From all four sides, you can see the image that accompanies the article to better guide you. Each of these has its own effects and we will be able to see the changes in real time.

Take a photo.

Once we are satisfied with the effect achieved. We are simply going to have to press the shutter button and click on the image.

This photo style will apply to all images we take from now on. However, we can click on the cards icon that is found in the upper right to be able to change the style on the iPhone 13 whenever we want.

Set a default photo style


If we want to establish a photographic style for all the photos that we are going to take in the future, then we will have to follow these steps. First we must go to “Settings”.


We slide down until we reach “Camera” and access it.

Photographic styles.

In “Photo Captures” we will have to press “Photographic Styles”.

Select a style on iPhone 13.

Next, we slide our finger left and right to choose any of the photographic styles that our iPhone will have by default each time we take a photograph.

And voila, that would be all to be able to configure the default photographic style; As you can see, it is something extremely simple.

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