• Slide masters are a very practical solution that Office offers us in PowerPoint
  • To apply the same modifications to multiple slides, we can edit them and then use
  • This is an effective way to personalize presentations and make it clear that you are not one of them.

In both student and work settings, introductions are important to express ourselves in detail. Of course, it is not always easy to stand out and attract the attention of the audience, so We think using the slide master in PowerPoint is a great way to set yourself apart. By taking advantage of this Office tool, we make sure that our presentations are different and to impact the public effortlessly.

Of course, the trick is based on the idea of ​​giving our series of slides a complete twist. Although at first it might seem that it is a purely aesthetic issue, it soon becomes clear that This organization of content based on predefined patterns also affects how the data is viewed..

In summary, changing the appearance and style of your slides is essential to make them more attractive but editing each page can be annoying, so it’s better to automate a pattern. Creating and using your own patterns is therefore the best solution we can offer you in these cases.

Take advantage of the PowerPoint pattern in your presentations

Edit the slide master in PowerPoint

As we have mentioned, the first step is to create a slide master to give our presentations a uniform style. You have to do it as soon as possible, because this pattern will be applied on the following slides while it will not have an effect on the previous ones. Therefore, first create your pattern and then go for the presentation.

  • Open your PowerPoint document, click View and then Slide Master
  • Click on the top thumbnail of the slide, which acts as the master slide
  • Make any changes you think are pertinent to the slide master by updating it, or hit Find Themes for until you come across a layout format that you’re completely comfortable with
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PowerPoint slide master 3
  • Additionally, you can highlight a text to make your presentation more formal or relaxed.
powerpoint slide master 4
  • In the Start menu you can change the font, its size, color and other characteristics, although without forgetting that these changes will be applied to all the design options that are included in the Slide panel
  • You can also edit individual layouts by clicking their thumbnails if you want a layout to have a different format than the Slide Master. Once you’re satisfied, click Close Pattern
  • The slide master will then be up to date, ready to modify your slides.

Obviously, you have to spend a little time customizing the pattern, but the good news is that all that investment is going to be recovered not only by establishing a common format, but also with positive returns.

Use the slide master in PowerPoint

Now that you’ve edited the slide master, it’s time to apply it to any of the slides you’re going to create.

  • On the Start menu, click New Slide
  • Choose one of the available design options
  • The slide will have the format you have configured

As you can see, it’s relatively simple to apply the pattern once it’s created, so the tutorial is suitable even for Office newbies. Also, you can edit the slide masters as many times as you need to.

Remember that, as we said, any slide previously added to the presentation will not respect the master. You will have to re-produce them to fit the format you have set up for your staging.


Learning how to use the slide master in PowerPoint can help your presentations stand out. Usually, offering something a bit out of the ordinary will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

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For the rest, remember that regardless of the number of words and other very relevant features that PowerPoint presentations have, the most important thing is to choose a interesting message, that catches the person who listens to it and, if you can, that leaves him thinking about the subject even when he returns home.

Do you often use the slide master when creating your PowerPoint presentations?

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