Use Telegram in a pc It can make our lives so much easier. This generally happens when we use it too much, not to mention if we have to use it to communicate with our work group. Exchanging files or images from a mobile device can end up tiring us and ruining the workflow.

But by having the option of running Telegram on our computer, it is possible to maintain our productivity and, above all, our patience. This is something that we are going to see next.

Use Telegram on a PC

Telegram QR code to scan on PC.

The first thing we have to do is visit the official website of Telegram, as soon as we do it we will see a QR code which we will have to scan with the mobile phone.

Open Telegram.

We will start the Telegram application from our mobile phone.


Next, we go to the Settings menu.


Now we are going to choose Devices.

Link devices.

Here we will have to press Link desktop device.

Scan QR code.

We point the phone at the screen to scan the QR code that appears on the Telegram website that we opened earlier.

Log in to Telegram from a PC.

In a matter of seconds, Telegram will validate the code and we will automatically log in to the same account we have on the device.

Sign in by phone number

Use Telegram from the PC with the phone number.

As an alternative we can achieve the same, but using the phone number. For this We headed to the Telegram website.

Choose country.

Here we will see a login page. The first thing we will do is choose our country.

Enter phone number.

Next, we will enter the phone number.

Provide phone number.

We will click Next. Here a pop-up window will open for us to confirm if we have entered the correct number.

Two-factor authentication.

We will be sent a confirmation code that we will have to provide.

Use Telegram on PC from the web browser.

We press Next and we can now access the Telegram account.

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Use the Telegram desktop app

In the case of the Windows installable or desktop app, it works much like the web page. The only difference is that we will have to download and install it on the computer, so we will not have to have the web browser open to use it. Which is sometimes very convenient.

Visit official website.

For this we turn to this link to download Telegram Desktop.

Download Telegram application.

Here we are going to click on Get Telegram for Windows x64.

So we can use Telegram on PC with the official application.

Once the file has been downloaded, we will have to find where we have saved it and double-click it to start the installation.

When we finish installing the desktop application, we are going to proceed to open it as we would normally do with any application. As soon as we do it, we will be able to appreciate a QR code similar to the one we saw previously by logging in from a browser.

The steps that we have to follow are exactly the same as we did before when we took the mobile to scan the QR code, so we can ignore them in this part of the guide.

We take this opportunity to clarify that when we open an account on a computer, it is the same account that we have on the phone. We will see the same contacts and we will be able to follow the conversations that we start on the phone and vice versa, it is a kind of mirror of what happens on the mobile device.

At any time we can follow the conversations from the phone without the need to log out of the computer.

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