Something that is fundamental in free games and first person shooters like Counter Strike, is jumping. Mobility, once mastered, gives us a huge competitive advantage over our adversaries. But in order to enjoy good mobility, we will need to adjust the controls so that they are comfortable for us in any kind of situation. And to always have within reach the action of hop in CS:GO It is recommended to use it in the wheel of the mouse.

Using the command console to jump with the mouse wheel in CS:GO

In this case, the command console will become our best friend, since it will give us the opportunity to configure this option quickly and effectively.

Enable command console

  • We open CS:GO.
  • We go to the Settings menu.
  • We choose Game Settings.
  • Here we will click on the arrows Enable Developer Console or Developer Mode.
  • We will save the configuration.

Starting the command console

After enabling the console, we are going to have to launch it by pressing the “~” button on our keyboard. The key is usually to the left of the “1”.

Set the console to load when starting CS:GO

We have the possibility that the command console is loaded every time we start the game. For this we will have to do the following:

  • We open the Steam library.
  • We right click on CS: GO in the left sidebar and choose the option that says Properties.
  • Here we will have to choose Set startup options.
  • We will write -console and press OK.

Change key combinations to be able to use the mouse wheel to jump in CS:GO

Once we have all of the above ready, we can move on to what we really want to do: use the mouse wheel to jump in CS:GO.

  • “bind mwheelup +jump;” it will make our character jump when we move the mouse wheel up.
  • “bind mwheeldown +jump;” This does the same as the previous one, except that in this case the character will jump when we move the wheel down.
  • “bind space +jump” this will ensure that the jump configuration is the default. Basically, our character will jump when we press the space bar.

Once we open the console, while we are in the game, we will have to paste the following text.

In the command console, we will paste the following string and press Enter to bind the mouse wheel and the space bar to jump.

bind mwheelup +jump;bind mwheeldown +jump;bind space +jump

If the above format doesn’t work, we’ll try to wrap everything in quotes except “bind”.

bind mwheelup +jump;bind mwheeldown +jump;bind space +jump

In case we want to remove the jump link from the space key, we will have to use only the first two sections of the command in the steps above.

Something else we will have to consider is the fact that choosing any of the combinations that involves the mouse wheel means that we will no longer be able to change the weapon with the same one for obvious reasons.

Revert custom jump key changes

In case the result is not as desired, we can revert the changes very easily.

For this we are going to have to add the following string in the command console:

bind mwheelup invprev;bind mwheeldown invnext;bind space +jump

We are going to confirm that these changes have been applied by using the in-game spacebar to jump as we normally would. This command is responsible for putting the weapon change controls on the mouse wheel and the jump will again be exclusively on the space bar.

Use a configuration file to jump with the mouse wheel

In case we don’t want to use the command console and would like to make the ability to jump with the mouse wheel permanent, then we can save the configuration in the config.cfg file.

To find the file we will have to go to the following address through Windows File Explorer: C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata#####730config

In this address, “userdata” is the username you have in Windows. While “#####” indicates our SteamID. We may only need the information if we use more than one Steam account on the PC.

After locating the config.cfg file in the game data folder, we are going to use the Notepad app that comes pre-installed on the system to edit it. Once opened, we will add the following lines:

bind mwheelup +jump bind mwheeldown +jump


In case the previous commands do not work, we will try the same as before, putting quotes around all the words except “bind”.

bind “mwheelup” “+jump” bind “mwheeldown” “+jump”

bind “space” “+jump”

If we want to revert the changes later, all we have to do is find the file again and remove the command lines we added.

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