Microsoft Excel It has an interesting function called scenario manager o Scenario Manager, which many people have no idea what it is and even less how to use it. But don’t worry, in this article we will explain what it works for, we will give examples and we will see in what situations we can use it.

Excel is one of the applications that we cannot miss on our computer, it offers us the possibility of carrying out a large number of operations in a simple way, even adding dates automatically. Even if our work is too heavy, it is possible to reduce the size of a file in a matter of seconds. It is a program with infinite possibilities that makes our day-to-day life easier.

What is Excel Scenario Manager?

The “scenario manager” or Scenario Manager function of Microsoft Excel is designed to provide the ability to change or replace input values ​​for different cells at the same time. A basic example would be viewing the results of different input values ​​or scenarios at the same time. It is possible to use it to compare data side by side and exchange different data sets within the same spreadsheet.

Use Scenario Manager in Microsoft Excel

It’s actually too easy to use, although we need to make sure the relevant data is already added to the spreadsheet before proceeding. This is something fundamental that they should take care of before starting.

Compare data.

Next, we are going to see two jobs and which of these have a better salary depending on certain circumstances. The first thing will be to add one of the scenario data to the spreadsheet before starting.

In case we are practicing, we can follow the example that accompanies this article. We will use the following formula to calculate the remaining money: =B2-(B3+B4)

We will have to modify the formula depending on the location of the data in our spreadsheet. Let’s see things in more detail

Navigate to the Scenario Manager window

scenario manager
  • From the document, we go to the Data tab.
  • Then we will have to select What-if analysis.
  • In the drop-down menu, we will click on the Scenario Manager.

fill with data

Complete data.
  • In this window we will have to click on the Add button to be able to add a scenario.
  • Now we will have to write a title, in this example we will put Job 1.
  • When it comes to changing cells, this is exactly where we’re going to enter the cell references for all the cells that we’re going to change for the stage.
  • If necessary, we can add comments.
  • We can also check the box Prevent changes if necessary.

A pop-up box should then appear. We’ll need to make sure the values ​​are in the proper boxes.

Create a new scenario manager

Once we finish the previous step, it is time to create Job 2 to be able to buy them. So we’ll click on Add and add the information for Job 2 in a similar way as we did for Job 1.

We will need to enter the values ​​for the second scenario. But we must keep in mind that these values ​​do not have to be added to the sheet. After completing them, click OK.

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