A fairly common doubt in any user of iOS Y Windows is to know if it is possible view or transfer Live Photos from one device to another. Certainly, it is possible, it is not complicated at all and we have several methods to carry it out.

Transfer Live Photos from iPhone to Windows

Using a USB cable

Ironically, something that many try before going classic is to use all kinds of applications that promise to send files to the PC without cables. However, none of these work properly. The best way to transfer our Live Photos to a Windows computer is using a USB cable.

It is the simplest and most optimal option, in this way we can transfer data of any kind from iPhone to any PC. Although it is still not possible to transfer data from PC to iPhone via USB cable.


The first thing we will have to do is connect the iPhone to our computer using a USB cable (preferably the original one). Once it is connected, we are going to have to open File Explorer and then we will see a folder called “Apple iPhone”.

We will click on this folder and we will be able to see the names of the folders that are in the internal storage of the device. Our phone can request permissions in this step, if so we must grant them; otherwise, we will see the empty internal storage folder.

Choose DCIM folder.

We will click on Internal storage and we will see a single DCIM folder. This is a small inconvenience of Apple devices, all images and photos are saved in a single folder. Which makes it more complicated to have to search for specific files.

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We open the DCIM folder and we can see several folders with names in numbers. The latest photos will be saved in the latest folder by default.

Find Live Photo in Windows.

In case we want to find some of the oldest photos or videos, we will have to check the name of the file and type it in the search bar of File Explorer in the DCIM folder.

How do we transfer files? It’s as easy as copy and paste, we can also drag the files and they will be copied automatically.

Using iCloud

One of the best ways is using iCloud, because it backs up all the photos on the official Web from iCloud and these can be downloaded to Windows. So there is no need to use cables.

The good thing about iCloud is that all photos and videos are organized chronologically, which means that finding a specific file is much easier.

  • We open iCloud.com from our favorite browser on PC and log in with the same account we have on iPhone.
  • The photos and videos are displayed in chronological order, it is very easy to find the Live Photo you want.
  • We even have the possibility to browse only the Live Photos by clicking on Live.
  • We can find a “Download” button in the upper right corner of the screen, we will have to click on it to proceed with the download. The files will be downloaded in JPEG and MOV.

Convert Live Photos to Videos

This is the third method to be able to transfer Live Photos from iPhone to Windows. Live Photos are a 3-second video, although they are saved as photos on iPhone. This means that we can save them as videos and then transfer them to our computer.

Save Live Photo as video.

In order to save a Live Photo as a video we will have to select the photo in question and click on the Share icon. Then we scroll down until we find the option “Save as video”; in this way the Live Photo will become a video in the phone gallery.

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