You can watch YouTube videos in sync with other users – to simultaneously discuss what you see.

Watch YouTube with friends in real-time.

With friends, you can share interesting videos on YouTube and watch them at the same time. Sites like Watch2Gether allow you to invite users and create “rooms” where you can watch live video.

  • To watch YouTube videos simultaneously as other users, all you have to do is open the Watch2Gether web page. Registration on the site is not required.
  • Then press the button “Create your room.”
  • To invite friends to view, send them a link to the page you created. You can copy it by clicking the “Invite Friends” button.

Watch2Gether also offers the ability to chat or video chat, share music playlists, and even shop online at Amazon together.

Watch video on Watch2Gether

More options for sharing videos

Besides Watch2Gether, there are many other services for sharing video.

  • Sync Video: If you or your friends have slow internet, this option is perfect. After you create an account and a room, you and your friends can watch the synced video. The site allows you to secure your space with a password.
  • & Chill: With this program, you can make your evening much more enjoyable. The room’s interface allows you to recreate the feeling of visiting a movie theater and communicate with friends at the same time.

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