• Regardless of the motives or reasons why you want to do it, there will come a time when you need to withdraw some of your money on Binance, either in the form of cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.
  • Although several small differences may arise depending on the type of cryptocurrency to be withdrawn, practically the process is the same for almost all the assets stored in the service.
  • And what about delay times, commissions, and other highly relevant aspects?

Since it is one of the main crypto exchange platforms, knowing how to withdraw money on Binance is very important for users who have assets on it., or are thinking of having them. It must be said, in this sense, that the process to withdraw funds from Binance will depend on the cryptocurrency, or eventually fiat monda, that the user wishes to withdraw from the service, although there are basic guidelines.

Something similar happens with the delay time, which will vary depending on the method you use, so it happens that, almost always, you have to carry out some initial transactions to know what term it will require each. Equally, you can find out the status of the transaction using the blockchain explorer associated.

The last clarification is that withdrawals from Binance may be blocked from time to time due to technical updates that the developers of the platform carry out, although in that case you will be warned about it well in advance as to be able to proceed to withdraw the money before.

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How to withdraw crypto from Binance?

As an example, we will take a BNB withdrawal to Trust Walletwhich will ask us for the following steps:

  • Login to your Binance account, go to Wallet, Fiat and spot, Withdraw and select Crypto
  • Now choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw, and the specific withdrawal network
  • As we clarified before, click on BNB in ​​your Trust Wallet and Receive
  • Copy your BNB address, and paste it into Recipient’s BNB Address on the withdrawal page
  • If everything is correct, click on Send, and later on Send code, entering the code in your email
  • Once you have added the 2FA code that you just received, confirm Send and that’s it

at the second point We were saying to be careful with the specific network of the withdrawal, and that is because BNB is issued on Binance Chain as a BEP-2 token and on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a BEP-20 token.. You should be careful and don’t move too fast, because you could lose your money.

How to withdraw fiat currency from Binance?

As we said at the beginning, Binance supports fiat or coins fiduciary, and we can withdraw them in this way:

  • Login to your Binance account, go to Wallet, Fiat and spot, Withdraw and select Crypto
  • Now choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw, and the payment method, affected by currency and region
  • Enter the details that the system asks you for, and follow the instructions, until adding the verification code
  • Confirm Send and done
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Other frequently asked questions

What are the cryptocurrency withdrawal fees on Binance?

These transactions are not free, unfortunately, as Binance charges for withdrawal operations. Gas commissions are paid by the user, ie us, to the miners who contribute to the transaction. After, each blockchain has its own commission scheme, so they will be subject to it.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount on Binance?

Each cryptocurrency has a minimum amount of withdrawals, which you find out at the time you go to trade. Those who want to evaluate various cryptos, can use the withdrawal simulators that Binance itself has.

How long does a withdrawal take on Binance?

Although Binance will process the withdrawal as soon as you request it, blockchain networks have their own margins. We argued before that everything will depend on the crypto to be withdrawn and, to give you a better idea in that regard, any Binance Smart Chain withdrawal will take a few minutes while Ethereum will always take longer.

Why is my withdrawal on Binance not progressing?

If your withdrawal is listed as delayed, it may be that the blockchain network is having too much traffic, is a bit congested, and therefore the operation has not been approved. Don’t despair, some withdrawals take time.

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Why can’t I withdraw funds from Binance?

If you have changed your password, or have just disabled your Google/SMS authenticator, Binance will suspend your withdrawals for a period of 24 hours as a precaution. If you restore these accesses, it will suspend them for 48 hours. You must take this into account so as not to overlap the actions. And Binance will alert you to suspicious activity.

What should I do if my withdrawal from Binance did not arrive?

If the blockchain network shows no signs of being congested, but your withdrawal is still not credited, please contact the blockchain team directly. Binance Supportwho they should be able to give you a concrete answer about your situation.


As has become clear, anyone with minimal knowledge, which you probably have if you got this far, and some patience, can successfully make your crypto and fiat withdrawals from Binance.

Whenever you notice any problem during the procedure, you should check your Inboxto check that there are no maintenance notices from the developers, which justify the inconvenience.

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