When working on a Word document, you may want to add a table to more specifically illustrate the redacted text. Although on some occasions, the problem is that its positioning is not what we want. so we can wrap text around a table in wordmake it appear as part of it and several other options that we will see a little further down.

Remember that if we are working on an old document, which was created in previous versions, we will have to exit compatibility mode before starting. It would also be a good idea to sign the document once we finish editing it to give it a more professional touch.

Wrap text around a table in Word

By default, the tables in Word are positioned on their own line, to wrap the text around a table we will have to do the following:

Let's go to Properties.

We will click on the part of the table that we want to adjust the text. We right click and in the context menu we choose Table Properties.

Choose location.

Next, under Text Wrap, we’ll need to choose Around. We will click OK and the text will appear around the table.

Resize the table

Although the text is around the table, it is possible to reposition the table if we want. Although before, we must make sure that the size is the indicated one.

Table properties.

We right click on the table and choose Table Properties from the menu.

preferred width.

In this small window we will have to check the Preferred Width checkbox.

Percents or inches.

Now we are going to have to enter the width we want. It can be in inches or percentages, something that we configure from the dropdown menu on the right.

Once we have everything configured, we are going to click OK and we will see how the size changes.

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Change position of a table

Move table.

Once the table is the size we want, we can move it to the place we need. For this we will have to click anywhere in the table. When we do it, a positioning tool will appear in the upper left part of the table.

So we click on the above mentioned icon and hold it down, now we can move the table to the required location and drop it.

Positioning of the table from the options

The problem with the above method is that it doesn’t always leave the table where we want it to be. Some line breaks may affect positioning. Although we can use Table Positioning to do it more specifically.

Table properties.

We right click anywhere in the table and choose Table Properties.

Position text around Word table

Now we can click on one of the alignment options.

So we can configure text around Word table

Then we will click on Positioning. Note that this button will only be available when the text wrap is set to Around.

You can choose a horizontal position from the alignment relative to the margin, column, or page. The same happens in the vertical position. It is also possible to increase the space around the table by changing the Distance from surrounding text values.

Another interesting option is the possibility of choosing if the table will move when we move the surrounding text and if we wish, that the tables can overlap each other, although it would not be the best in most cases.

Once we have everything configured, the only thing left to do is click OK.

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