You can also work with ZIP and RAR files on smartphones. We will tell you what should be taken into account in this case.

How to unpack an archive using the file manager?

You can unpack an archive or, conversely, archive documents on most smartphones using your file manager.

  • First, download a ZIP or RAR archive from your mailbox or other sources, and then find it in the Downloads folder in the Files app.
  • Now select the file with a long press and click on the three dots in the lower right corner.
  • From the menu, select Extract To.
  • Then you can extract the file to the current folder or specify the unpacking path of the file yourself.
  • Now the archive will be unpacked, and you can use its elements on your device without restrictions.

How to unzip a file archive using the Google app?

If your file manager cannot extract zipped files, you will have to use an alternative application like Google Files.

Download Google Files

  • Open the app and navigate to the folder that contains the archive file.
  • When you click the “Extract” button, the archive contents will automatically move to the current folder, and you can use these files without restrictions.

How to create a file archive on a smartphone?

Almost all native file managers can quickly unpack ZIP and RAR files, but not all can create them. The RAR application will help you with this.

Download RAR

  • Open the app and highlight the files you want to combine into one ZIP file.
  • Now select the “Add to archive” option, the symbol of which is a stack of books with a plus sign.
  • Choose a file extension and give it a proper name. If you want, you can additionally encrypt the archive with a password.
  • When you click OK in the lower right panel, the selected files will be packed into an archive of the chosen format.

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