• Calendar is one of the best calendar applications for mobile phones, tablets and computers
  • With it, you can access notes, meetings and reminders that improve your productivity
  • But what if you need to see a couple of time zones and not just the original one?

Telecommuting and globalization are two phenomena that have recently affected global labor relations. More and more people work from home, but at the same time they do it for different countries or areas of their country. Considering these dynamic realities, if you find yourself in that situation and you work with foreigners or move between different time zones, you will want to know how to see several time zones in Calendar step by step.


Is that Calendar is one of the best tools that Google makes available to users in their work. Thanks to this instrument, you can access notes, meetings and reminders that improve your productivity.

The problem is that if you have to reconcile the schedules of different clients to meet them on time, you surely need a memory aid. And more if in their countries there is a time change, as in Spain.

Multiple time zones in Google Calendar, how to do?

Most users are aware that you can change the Google Calendar time zone to match where you are. But if you move between two or more zones, it will probably do you little good to have one established when it changes constantly. The developers of La Gran G and Calendar seem to be aware of this problem, and for that reason allow you to determine more than one time zone.

  1. Open Google Calendar on your PC
  2. Select the Settings in the upper right corner
time zones Calendar 2
  1. In the Time zone section, place a check mark to Show secondary time zone
  2. Select the dropdown arrow next to the secondary time zone
  3. Choose the time zone you want to see
time zones Calendar 3
  1. In the I tag, you can give each time zone a name so you can distinguish between them
  2. Tap the back arrow next to Settings in the top left corner of the screen
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Immediately you finish with the procedure, you will see two time zones appear in Calendar.

One of the best Google Calendar tricks from our point of view, this feature is not only useful for traveling but also for arranging meetings with people in different time zones, which is becoming more and more common. Everyone can see the date and time in their respective time zone and that is another advantage that we must not forget.


If you work with multiple clients that are in different time zones, you may want to have multiple time zones that display in Calendar almost constantly for somewhat more accurate tracking.


Google Calendar is one of the best calendar applications for mobiles, tablets and computers. Completely useful for those who travel or work with multiple time zones, sometimes or always.

It is a simple process, as you will have seen, and anyone can understand it even if they have no experience with it. You can activate or deactivate the function as you prefer in each situation, or adapt it to your needs.

With Google Calendar, you can keep track of all the obligations that lie ahead. Whether you’re at home or on the go, looking at multiple areas at once can be helpful.

Do you usually activate more than one time zone in Google Calendar? Do you know of any other tricks in Calendar?

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