• Docs is one of the best cloud software solutions among word processors.
  • It may not live up to Office and its many years on the market, but it does it well
  • What are the tricks that will allow you to download the images of your documents?

If you often read our articles, then you already know that Google Docs is one of the best alternatives to Word. Although there are others, such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice, the Big G option has quickly gained ground. Thinking about it, it is important that we teach you to take advantage of it. AND Sometimes learning how to download images from Google Docs can be very helpful. But, what are the steps to follow to download them on your PC?

As we said, Docs is one of the best cloud software solutions among word processors. Thanks to the development of Google, it allows you to write documents that include all kinds of interesting elements. Among them tables, graphs, hyperlinks, YouTube videos, etc. It may not yet be up to Office and its many years on the market, but it does it really well for the time it has been around.

The funny thing is that although no one doubts that Google Docs is getting better and better, many are still being made. basic questions about how it works, such as “where is the Save Image option?”. After all, saving an image from a Word document isn’t difficult, and in Docs it seems like something impossible.

How to download images from Google Docs?

The first thing to mention in this regard is that, unfortunately, Google Docs does not come with a feature like Save Image in the same way that we have it in Word. That is to say, there is no way to download the selected images when we right click on them. We think it would be very usefuland that Google should be working on adding this feature, but until they do, we leave you with some possible help.

The secret is that Google Docs has a Publish to the web option that lets you open a document in any tab of your browser. As you can imagine, it is designed to work in Chrome because it is Google’s.

But the best thing is that this way you can download the images directly from the document page. No more. As long as you don’t have experience you will wonder how to do it and luckily the steps are very simple.

Download images from Google Docs step by step

  1. Click on File, Share, Publish on the web, and wait for the publish menu to open
  2. Click on the blue Publish button, and select Accept to confirm the submission of the document
  3. Press Ctrl + C (Windows) or Command (⌘) + V (Mac) on the link, then Copy
  4. Leave the post browser tab open and open a new tab
  5. Paste the link, and then press the Enter/Return key, waiting for the newly posted page to open
  6. Hover over the image, right-click or click with two fingers, and select Save Image…

Something no less is that no one else will see what you have published because only you have the link. Still, if you want to delete it from the Internet you can do it going back to the Docs tab where you are editing the file.

Click Published Content and Settings, and then select Stop Publishing to remove it from the web.

Other Ways to Save Google Docs Images

With Google Keep

On the other hand, you’re probably aware that Google Keep is a handy note-taking app. Considering that it comes integrated into Google Docs, you can use it to save the images on your computer.

What you need to do is open the Keep Notes sidebar and work directly from Keep Notes.

  1. Right-click or click with two fingers and select See more actions, Save to Google Keep
  2. Now, right-click or click with two fingers on the image in the Keep Notes sidebar
  3. Select Save image as and wait for the image to be stored on your device

With HTML format

Another good idea is to bet directly on the massive download of images from Google with the HTML format. When you have to download several images simultaneously, this is the most recommended procedure.

What this does is automatically save the images in a zipped folder so they don’t take up space. Later you can extract the files and open the subfolder of images that includes all the elements.

  • In the Docs document select File, Download, Web Page (compressed .html)
  • Click on the download icon of the browser and then open the location of the file
  • Downloaded the file, you have to unzip it and enter the images folder
  • Browse the images and send the ones you are not going to use to the Recycle Bin
download images google docs 2

With a Chrome extension

Finally, there are extensions for Chrome that have been developed with exactly this problem in mind. You can install any of these plugins, such as Shift Click Image Extractor, directly from this link.

And, if you’re wondering, Google Workspace Marketplace add-ons don’t include image grabbers.

Have you managed to download the images from Google Docs with any of the tricks that we have taught you today?

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