HVCI is a feature used for virtualization-based security. This is a function that is responsible for protecting the system from malicious code in terms of hardware, because we run the operating system and applications in a virtual environment and separate the main memory from the remaining operating system. After doing so, we can only execute code that is signed by a trusted source. So, several users have confirmed that McAfee Security Scan Plus is not supported when Windows HVCI mode is enabledthis is something that we will see how to solve in this article.

Fix: McAfee Security Scan Plus is not supported when Windows HVCI mode is enabled

This error message is what we will see when we want to use McAfee and HVCI is enabled on the computer. The reason for this is that McAfee software does not work well in the virtual HVCI environment. Although it is not the only reason, we also find a high probability that an error is causing this problem. So we are going to try to solve it by executing one of the following methods.

Update McAfee

The first thing we would have to verify is that McAfee is up to date. In these situations, we can take care of this problem by updating the software.

To do so, we will double-click on the McAfee icon and choose the option that says Help. Then we will click on Update, once the app is updated, we will have to run it and check if the problem persists.

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Disable HVCI

Turn off or disable HVCI.

Hypervisor Protected Code Integrity or HVCI is an isolation security feature of Microsoft Windows Core, it is used to protect core Windows processes from malware when separating main memory from the operating system.

Thanks to this, no malware can enter high-security processes. However, when the feature is enabled when running third-party antivirus software, we find some bugs likely to be triggered, so we recommend disabling the HVCI feature, known as memory integrity. We will do this as follows:

  • Press the Windows key and go to Settings.
  • Now we turn to Privacy and security.
  • We click on Windows Security> Open Windows security.
  • Then we will click on the device security function.
  • Under Core Isolation, we go to Core Isolation Details.
  • We are going to click on the switch for the Memory Integrity option to deactivate it.

After making these changes, we will have to restart the computer for them to take effect.

It is also possible to disable HVCI using commands at the command prompt. Simply, we are going to open CMD as administrator and execute the following command: bcdedit /set {current} hvci off

Uninstall McAfee Security Scan because it is not HVCI compliant

This problem may appear because the installation of McAfee Security Scan is corrupted, the solution is to uninstall the software and proceed to install it again. Thanks to this we will be able to solve the problem and we will make sure to obtain the latest available version of the program.

  • We press Windows + i and go to Applications.
  • Then we will click on Installed Applications.
  • We look for the application that we want to delete, we click on the three points that are to the right of it and we choose Uninstall.
  • We will follow the instructions on the screen and restart the computer.
  • After uninstalling the antivirus software, we will have to restart the computer, download the program again and proceed with the installation.
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If we did everything right, we shouldn’t have to deal with the problem anymore.

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